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北国の春を飾る、集スト川柳【集スト川柳 vol.3】:

◇末端音 近所にこだます 北の春

◇集ストに 春の陽射しが 似合わない

◇春のブル 雪なき道も 大活躍

◇春うらら 最後の狂気は 末端用
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集スト加害は計画的NOT AN IMPULSE [slightly revised]
カテゴリ: ◇CoIntelPro:《被害報告&その他不審事項》

[slightly revised]

   The devil has been around since the beginning of the creation of mankind (he was created even before that!), and ever since the fall of man by him, evil has been with men, but the technological advance, the transformation of the society and the change of the world at large like this now made those evil entities able to do differently than the previous ages did. (In other words, "the torture method&tactics have changed.)

   Now those evil-possessed men(=NOT a gender related expression, but "species"!) can have access to the ways to mobilise the web of human contacts all over somehow to make a number of people surrounding "the targeted individual" to say or do that can harm, hurt, ruin, threat, agonise, and/or create any level of nuisance for a revenge, -a revenge conveniently still, that the reason for the offence not determined, which means the perp doesn't have to have a legitimate, appropriate reason for his/her revenge at all; and the perp wouldn't have to reveal their identity... although I understand that there is a slight advantage in leaving a trace of identification and an aspect of cruelty by doing so, which is by faintly leaving a trace of identification like a marking, to let the victim to be able to guess who&why, without which most of the purpose of the social torture won't somehow finish the work, simply saying that is, to send the target-victim "a message(that the perp "didn't like this or that" about what the target has just done/said/the way they are etc.)";
   And even if the message was to be completely unreasonable, psychopathic, immature, and unacceptable, this anonymous attack on their target via innocent(?) surroundings of them serves the purpose of hurting(i.e. "punishing" for doing what the perp didn't want. for example), and if the victim could identify the perp and the possible "cause", the perp might be able to stop the target from doing the thing which the perp didn't like! In other words, if the victim didn't get "the message of the particular perp, therefore couldn't direct the target-victim to the way perp wants, why else do they torture? Or harass and vex at all? ...save the sheer sadistic aspects of it, needless to say though....

   But if the cause be reasonable, legitimate, mature, they didn't have to take such extensive manipulations of the social structure, perhaps even by paying for it(they at least have to pay their own souls to the devil, and it cost their eternity!)? Why take the pain? Think about it, if you didn't like something someone did, you just ask him/her at least to find out the "why" of the action, whether you could change him/her or not.  If he/she understands why you asked not to, it's solved; even if not, you can at least find out why he/she did it, which gives far better "peace of mind" than never could hear their reason why they did it. So, the answer to the organized nuisance is, drawn from this naturally; the perp has no legitimate reason for their nuisance. They're pursuing for unacceptable causes. They at least "know" it at the bottom of their heart; otherwise they would take more open method to push their way through "as long as they were sure their cause will see the result." It does not matter whether they are found to be wrong afterwards. The social organised harassment is for the perps who "know their reason to want to harm the target is not going to be legitimate, and they should know so prior to the committing of it. It should be a premeditated crime; ordering such an organised attacks via third-party people surrounding the target needs to be a premeditated attack.

   What I am trying to point is that often when the social harassment escalates, we the targets usually know the reason for it in many cases,.... And by it, we can sometimes guess "who" did order it as well.... Then, the perp is almost "confessing" that "they" are the perp... who is able to mobilize the people surrounding the target-victim!

 And in my case this time, those rotten perp is NOT a large orgs at all, they are a small bunch of rotten people made up of a handful or two people abroad, who can move even my neighbours...or they are mobilizing the North...mnmnmn!... mobilizing fkoreigners around this area perhaps...  ?  fkoreign dowkaters(

   I don't understand why the Japanese natives have to obey an order from foreign MENHELA though...



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カテゴリ: ◇Bible Studies/聖書研究
First published to my mirror site @19:16
on 21st, March, 2011
[ADDED on 31st/March/2011]

Regarding the Gift of Giving:

Giving is by Cheerfulness, and as a Christian, my understanding and my deeds according to my understanding of the Stewardship of it is, that I give in the following order of priority:...

1, Tithing=Freewill Offering From the Firstfruit
that is Before one ever use any part of it for other thing than
to The Work of the LORD;

2, Freewill offering to my own family/relatives/friends especially when one had already made a promise to offer (includes even a slightest suggestion), but basically according to our Love as a Love Offerings to them, LORD approving;

3, A Freewill offering to a Righteous Cause towards Organized ActivitiesNEVER TOWARDS AN INDIVIDUAL! let alone to somebody I have NEVER MET or KNOWN at all! (which idiot is it to give money to somebody I never met= to a complete stranger?!?).

I have been willing to SUPPORT ACTIVITIES (and NEVER AN INDIVIDUAL!)(wakeup!) & ONLY WHEN the activity's cause was and its truthfulness regarding the actual endeavour and with the appropriate results met the givers' personal criteria, I would be keen to encourage such noble activities and help in a way I can, and would love to support the ACTIVITY(not an individual, but an activity!)(wakeup! which idiot is it "to give money" to somebody you don't know???).

I also think the Bible is teaching that we the ones who are to be disciples of Jesus are to be compassionate towards those who are suffering, and the financial depravity is a devastating thing that can even chip off one's dignity rather directly (miserable, isn’t it?!), which means it is a suffering of a kind that exceeds material deprivity, but also is mental than one might guess. Giving a little help for genuinely in need is a heart of our LORD Jesus. He also teaches us to be a cheerful giver, so we are not "to worry to much" about how it is going to be used. Our duty is to actually give out of loving compassionate heart of Jesus. ("Giving" by its nature is not just "thing&money"; it is in fact a giving of a part of "oneself"-that's why thanksgiving is apt.)
If the attitude and the use of the finance were "evil" behind us, it is NOT our problem, but the consequence of such evil will be given by the REAL SOURCE of the money, which is GOD HIMSELF. Our duty is to actually be faithful and compassionate to those in need.
And if we act accordingly, and if GOD is pleased with it, HE may (in fact He promised to) bless us, not just financially, but bountifully with His many blessings. I hear a lot of Testimonies, as well as my own, that He is FAITHFUL and He gives us bountifully, IF we give out of loving intention though.

We are Stewards and GOD sees whether each of us is a good steward or bad; if good, He will entrust us with more. That probably is the reason why when one person is given much (or "stole" it) but it disappeared within a minute like a vapour, and is always wanting and unhappy (usually an unrighteous gain vapours quicker), it is a typical picture of a bad stewarding, may be. Or not giving their firstfruit...?

I can't say categorically; our sufferings have so many reasons, and mostly the reason is hidden to others. Anyhow, as for the Stewarding and Giving Cheerfully (that means not by demand or with worry&suspicion), GOD loves it when we do it.

The only "income" one should expect are legitimate ones BTW: "Labour Wages" and "Inheritance", and perhaps "the ones with own friends&family thing, things WE ALL know"! [ADDED on 31st/March/2011⇒]AND "Interests."

I myself have ever got NO OTHER "Income" than THE ONES as above; so do the same to others!
I don't expect anything other than these, and let alone (or even never heard of it!) from a complete stranger!!!

All that I "have Given" in the past are found as above as well.
If someone misunderstood in the past and took it as something "personal" and not "towards their worthy activity", then it is their "misunderstanding", and if that was the case, I must state clearly now that I have never given TO AN INDIVIDUAL “I don't really know.
I HAVE actually given some BUT TOWARDS CHURCH OR CHARITY, BUT NEVER TO A PERSON! (I'm not those stupid, thanks!) I give to an activity I want to support.

My Question is this!
Which Idiot is it to send money to an individual whom one doesn't know? For what cause? What good?
I definitely think it's OFF THE WALL...
I think it is even WRONG. It is NOT GOOD.

I think one should expect such help firstly from
1, Family;
2, Relatives;
3, Friends;
4, Governmental Body;
5, Charity Organizations.

And if it still won't solve, do take an appropriate action to let an authority to know that you are in trouble "DESPITE your LAWFUL lifestyle, and let those LEGITIMATE helpers help them survive BEFORE expecting an unknown individual to ever think of sending a pocket money(I don't think there’s any who will do it however)...

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地震関係:『Jiro Hunter@Jiro_forecaster』さんのツイッターより。
カテゴリ: ◇CoIntelPro:《転載》

Hunter@Jiro_forecaster In the Air

 Asahi_Shakai 朝日新聞社会グループ
by Jiro_forecaster
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 Jiro_forecaster Jiro Hunter
防災士より19: デマ、流言について5。「流言は人から人へ伝えられるうちに、その情報内容が次第にゆがめられ、もとの内容と全く異なってしまう場合が多い」(流言とデマの社会学 中公新書より引用) #Jishin #Tsunami
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 Jiro_forecaster Jiro Hunter
防災士より18:デマ、流言について4。「流言は事実の確認なしに語られる情報である。もちろん、故意に虚偽を述べたてる『嘘』とは異なり、流言の基礎は推測にある。しかし、これを伝える人々にはそれが事実であるかどうかを確認しようとする動機は少ない」く#Jishin #Tsunami
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 Jiro_forecaster Jiro Hunter
防災士より17: デマ、流言について3。 地震雲、動物の異常反応など、災害発生を予告する前兆、予言など。地震雲に関する科学的根拠は現在の所確認されていません。動物の異常反応についても同じです。 #Jishin #Tsunami
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 Jiro_forecaster Jiro Hunter
防災士より16: デマ、流言について2。 日時指定された地震予測は全てウソです。「○月○日、○時に大きな地震が来るから備えよ」など。現在の地震科学にはそこまでの予測能力はありません。 #Jishin #Tsunami
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 Jiro_forecaster Jiro Hunter
防災士より15: デマ、流言について。 阪神・淡路大震災の直後、デマや流言を聞いた人は過半数にのぼっています。今回もデマや流言が発生し、皆さんが目にする事もあるかと思います。今後発生すると思われる流言をあらかじめつぶしておきます。 #Jishin #Tsunami
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 Jiro_forecaster Jiro Hunter
防災士より13: 災害報道について。 報道されている画像が災害地の全てを表現しているわけではありません。報道されていない、助けが必要な地域や人々も考える必要があります。 #Jishin #Tsunami
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 Jiro_forecaster Jiro Hunter
@ @jefftoshima おっしゃる通りです。。。正確な情報、なるべく誤解の少ない情報、不安をあおらない情報を出すべく努力するしかないですね。「上は情報を隠しているのではないか」という疑問や状態の解消も必要かもしれません。
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 Jiro_forecaster Jiro Hunter
防災士より12: 災害報道について。 現在テレビやラジオなどで報道されている被災地は、最も被害の大きな地域が集中して報道される傾向があります。最も被害の大きな地域の周りには、報道されないが被害を受けた地域が広く広がっています。 #Jishin #Tsunami
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 Jiro_forecaster Jiro Hunter
防災士より6: ・支援物資を荷物で送られると仕分けが重労働に。 阪神・淡路大震災時に、各地から集まった大量の荷物をさばききれなくなった事がありました。10分おきにトラックで届けられる物資を運び込むだけで重労働となりました。#Jishin #Tsunami
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 Jiro_forecaster Jiro Hunter
防災士より5: ・避難所で最も困るのは「トイレ」「プライバシー」 プライバシーは段ボールの壁一枚、カーテンのように布をつるだけでも大きく確保できます。 #Jishin #Tsunami
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 Jiro_forecaster Jiro Hunter
防災士より4: ・避難所で最も困るのは「トイレ」「プライバシー」 
トイレへ行く回数を減らすため、水分補給を控えてしまいエコノミークラス症候群となる方もいます。また避難生活が長期化するにつれ、プライバシーのなさがストレスになってしまいます。 #Jishin #Tsunami
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 Jiro_forecaster Jiro Hunter
防災士より3: ・避難所で最も困るのは「トイレ」「プライバシー」 
阪神・淡路大震災のとき、被災者が最も困ったのは「トイレ」です。水がないと水洗トイレが使用できなくなります。また仮設トイレは、高齢者や身体障害者の方には使いにくい物も多いです。 #Jishin #Tsunami
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 Jiro_forecaster Jiro Hunter
・支援物資を荷物で送られると仕分けが重労働に。  ・被災者が最も必要なのは、現物よりまずお金  ・ボランティアは受け入れ体制を把握できてから   #Jishin #Tsunami
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exclamation×2避難所で最も困るのは「トイレ」「プライバシー」 exclamation×2

 Jiro_forecaster Jiro Hunter
防災士より1:被災された方のうち、避難所での生活が始まっている方が増えてきています。防災士として、避難所に関する知識や、支援する側で意識して頂きたいことなどをお伝えします。#Jishin #Tsunami
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 Jiro_forecaster Jiro Hunter
@ @jefftoshima 気象庁の余震解説のページもわかりやすいです。
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§普通車輌の夕刻時のヘッドライトを上げてわらわらと攻撃的に集まって来るヤツもここ数日内の例ですが、この大災害が国民的に厳粛な事態なのでこれからの進行と影響と行く末の重大な可能性を思えば、あんな事(!)をしている様な時じゃない筈が、この周りに来る 加害者達はどうも今後の生活への悪影響から免除されているか、保障でも受けている、とコチラが受け取っても良いという事でしょうか?
だとしたら、どうしてこの災害の影響から免除されているのでしょうか? みんなで知る必要があります(!)。
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私が大地震前に先々日、一つ前のUSGSのリストの記事を出した「その後で」書いてきたのは、Twitter @mixedtribesでだけです。

他は、一人でとりなしのいのりをして来ています。 他と電話もメールもしていない位の昨日今日です。

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U.S. Geographic Surveyよりここ1週間内に世界で起きた震度5以上の地震【リスト】
カテゴリ: ◇現代・政治・世界 / テーマ: 気象 天気 台風 ドリアン / ジャンル: ニュース
U.S. Geographic Survey

Magniture 6.0以上はで示されている。


Latest Earthquakes
Magnitude 5.0 and Greater in the World
- Last 7 days

Magnitude 5 and greater earthquakes located by the USGS and
contributing networks in the last week (168 hours). Magnitudes 6 and above are in red. (Some early events may be obscured by later ones on the maps.)

The most recent earthquakes are at the top of the list. Times are in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). Click on the word "map" to see a ten-degree tall map displaying the earthquake. Click on an event's "DATE" to get a detailed report.

Update time = Thu Mar 10 14:10:12 UTC 2011

y/m/d h:m:s LAT
deg LON
km Region
MAP 5.1 2011/03/10 11:21:08 38.611 143.049 17.6 OFF THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
MAP 5.2 2011/03/10 09:02:22 38.652 143.146 21.9 OFF THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
MAP 5.7 2011/03/10 08:08:21 38.630 143.304 17.2 OFF THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
MAP 5.4 2011/03/10 04:58:18 24.710 97.994 34.9 MYANMAR-CHINA BORDER REGION
MAP 5.0 2011/03/10 01:20:24 38.408 143.033 25.1 OFF THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN

MAP 5.4 2011/03/09 23:37:01 38.438 143.185 32.8 OFF THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
MAP 6.5  2011/03/09 21:24:52 -6.022 149.659 29.0 NEW BRITAIN REGION, PAPUA NEW GUINEA
MAP 6.1 2011/03/09 21:22:18 38.385 142.642 23.0 NEAR THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
MAP 6.0 2011/03/09 18:44:35 38.502 143.199 23.0 OFF THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
MAP 6.1 2011/03/09 18:16:15 38.378 142.506 22.0 NEAR THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
MAP 5.3 2011/03/09 13:57:28 8.631 92.395 23.2 NICOBAR ISLANDS, INDIA REGION
MAP 5.1 2011/03/09 13:51:42 -20.216 -174.350 132.5 TONGA
MAP 5.0 2011/03/09 13:24:08 -27.462 -68.853 108.0 CATAMARCA, ARGENTINA
MAP 5.1 2011/03/09 11:27:52 38.529 143.040 28.2 OFF THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
MAP 5.3 2011/03/09 08:02:36 38.606 143.103 15.4 OFF THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
MAP 5.1 2011/03/09 07:56:28 38.849 142.929 10.7 NEAR THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
MAP 5.0 2011/03/09 07:13:48 38.246 143.108 9.9 OFF THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
MAP 5.1 2011/03/09 06:25:12 38.299 143.067 10.8 OFF THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
MAP 5.3 2011/03/09 04:45:54 38.543 142.740 27.0 NEAR THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
MAP 5.7 2011/03/09 04:37:04 38.666 142.991 25.5 NEAR THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
MAP 5.2 2011/03/09 04:32:10 38.727 143.001 32.1 OFF THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
MAP 5.2 2011/03/09 04:05:54 38.870 142.420 10.9 NEAR THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
MAP 5.0 2011/03/09 03:19:00 38.795 142.962 19.9 NEAR THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
MAP 5.2 2011/03/09 03:08:36 38.339 143.097 24.4 OFF THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
MAP 5.6 2011/03/09 02:57:17 38.402 142.825 17.5 NEAR THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
MAP 7.2 2011/03/09 02:45:20 38.424 142.836 32.0 NEAR THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN

MAP 5.0 2011/03/08 02:10:42 -30.349 -178.038 47.5 KERMADEC ISLANDS, NEW ZEALAND
MAP 5.0 2011/03/08 01:26:59 44.246 -129.391 17.8 OFF THE COAST OF OREGON

MAP 5.2 2011/03/07 23:35:39 -55.941 -27.881 96.7 SOUTH SANDWICH ISLANDS REGION
MAP 5.0 2011/03/07 10:13:08 29.096 129.383 46.2 RYUKYU ISLANDS, JAPAN
MAP 6.6 2011/03/07 00:09:39 -10.334 160.739 37.9 SOLOMON ISLANDS

MAP 5.4 2011/03/06 23:45:00 -30.983 -178.691 101.7 KERMADEC ISLANDS, NEW ZEALAND
MAP 6.5 2011/03/06 14:32:36 -56.387 -27.019 84.2 SOUTH SANDWICH ISLANDS REGION
MAP 6.2 2011/03/06 12:31:58 -18.115 -69.391 101.3 TARAPACA, CHILE
MAP 5.0 2011/03/06 10:52:52 26.897 143.610 10.1 BONIN ISLANDS, JAPAN REGION
MAP 5.1 2011/03/06 01:44:07 -23.054 170.448 35.3 SOUTHEAST OF THE LOYALTY ISLANDS

MAP 5.1 2011/03/05 20:42:55 28.295 57.121 59.7 SOUTHERN IRAN
MAP 5.1 2011/03/05 11:24:44 30.021 51.146 9.9 SOUTHERN IRAN
MAP 5.0 2011/03/05 09:38:50 -20.196 -68.976 91.6 TARAPACA, CHILE
MAP 5.1 2011/03/05 00:35:33 52.722 160.857 24.7 OFF THE EAST COAST OF KAMCHATKA, RUSSIA
MAP 5.0 2011/03/05 00:31:08 52.849 160.709 10.0 OFF THE EAST COAST OF KAMCHATKA, RUSSIA

MAP 5.0 2011/03/04 15:46:12 -49.828 164.042 20.4 AUCKLAND ISLANDS, NEW ZEALAND REGION
MAP 5.1 2011/03/04 14:52:29 -7.193 155.737 90.1 SOLOMON ISLANDS
MAP 5.7 2011/03/04 04:07:49 -8.928 157.342 12.7 SOLOMON ISLANDS

MAP 5.4 2011/03/03 15:12:02 9.459 125.936 53.2 MINDANAO, PHILIPPINES

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カテゴリ: ◇YouTube / テーマ: 聖書・キリスト教 / ジャンル: 学問・文化・芸術



Bible arrived  to Kimyal ,Indonesia

投稿者: DianneBecker | 作成日: 2010/11/11

The Kimyal Tribe of Papua, Indonesia celebrate the arrival of the New Testament Bible in the Kimyal language.


25 そのとき、エルサレムにシメオンという人がいた。この人は正しい、敬虔な人で、イスラエルの慰められることを待ち望んでいた。精霊が彼の上にとどまっておられた。

26 また、主のキリストを見るまでは、決して死なないと、聖霊のお告げを受けていた。


28 すると、シメオンは幼子を腕に抱き、神をほめたたえて言った。

29 「主よ、今こそあなたは、あなたのしもべを、

30 わたしの目があなたの御救いを見たからです。

31 御救いはあなたが

32 異邦人を照らす啓示の光、

33 父と母は、幼子についていろいろ語られる事に驚いた。

34 また、シメオンは両親を祝福し、母マリヤに言った。

35 剣があなたの心さえも刺し貫くでしょう。それは多くの人の心の思いが現れるためです。」

36 また、アセル族のパヌエルの娘で女預言者のアンナという人がいた。この人は非常に年を取っていた。処女の時代のあと七年間、夫とともに住み、

37 その後やもめになり、八十四歳になっていた。そして宮を離れず、夜も昼も、祈りをもって神に仕えていた。

38 ちょうどそのとき、彼女もそこにいて、神に感謝をささげ、そして、エルサレムの贖いを待ち望んでいるすべての人々に、この幼子のことを語った。


Luke 2:25-38
 25.  And, behold, there was a man in Jerusalem, whose name was Simeon; and the same man was just and devout, waiting for the consolation of Israel: and the Holy Ghost was upon him.
 26.  And it was revealed unto him by the Holy Ghost, that he should not see death, before he had seen the Lord's Christ.
 27.  And he came by the Spirit into the temple: and when the parents brought in the child Jesus, to do for him after the custom of the law,
 28.  Then took he him up in his arms, and blessed God, and said,
 29.  Lord, now lettest thou thy servant depart in peace, according to thy word:
 30.  For mine eyes have seen thy salvation,
 31.  Which thou hast prepared before the face of all people;
 32.  A light to lighten the Gentiles, and the glory of thy people Israel.
 33.  And Joseph and his mother marvelled at those things which were spoken of him.
 34.  And Simeon blessed them, and said unto Mary his mother, Behold, this child is set for the fall and rising again of many in Israel; and for a sign which shall be spoken against;
 35.  (Yea, a sword shall pierce through thy own soul also,) that the thoughts of many hearts may be revealed.
 36.  And there was one Anna, a prophetess, the daughter of Phanuel, of the tribe of Aser: she was of a great age, and had lived with an husband seven years from her virginity;
 37.  And she was a widow of about fourscore and four years, which departed not from the temple, but served God with fastings and prayers night and day.
 38.  And she coming in that instant gave thanks likewise unto the Lord, and spake of him to all them that looked for redemption in Jerusalem.

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 『逆カルチャーショック/Reverse Culture Shock』(=正式名)に重ねられて始まった、
 帰国後、家に辿り付いて以来、北海道から一際出ていません。 私自身は一切『街宣』等に参加した事は御座いません。 街宣での自己紹介の中で、私のブログの事では?と連想させるような説明を取り入れることで、まるでその人物が私ではないか、と思い込ませ人違いを促す『成り済まし(風)』にご注意下さい。


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