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   音声送信等々の開発に協力していたらしいDr.Robert Duncan(以下―動画の下―に挿入した『関連記事ジョン・ホール:『マインドコントロールとギャング・ストーキング』】] 』でどのように集ストのターゲットが選ばれているか等についてDr.John Hallと共に会談している人物)のJesseVenturaの質問に応じた情報提供をしている部分をTRANSCRIPTした。

"Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura
Brain Invaders


[関連記事: 【ジョン・ホール:『マインドコントロールとギャング・ストーキング』】]

Narration:  Now, the government is controlling your mind...

V.: " So you actually hear voices in your head...?"

T.I." yes."...

N.:  ...with top secret experient...
T.I.: "It's continuous, it's psychological torture.."
N.: ...of thousands of Americans...
Caster: "It's bizzare!...why so many of them?
N.: " ..harassed, and tortured...
T.I.:   __ my floor, it just starts in vibration..."
N.: ...by voices beamed into their brains...

T.I.:  "...like it's whispering in my ears...

”Are you going in your appearance now?”

N: It's a sinister plot that spreading across the country...
Subtitled:"Everyone of these pueple dots represents group of Targeted Individuals..."

N:  ...and soon, they'll target "you."



N.: Robert Duncan, the architect, the master mind, he went straight from Harvard and MIT,
to the CIA. He admits he helped to create a lot? of the technology, that makes it possible
for the government to get inside people's heads.
Duncan claims that he's left the company.
Jesse Ventura will see about that.

V: "Dr. Robert Duncan."

N: Jesse Ventura is about to confront a man behind the Brain Invador's conspiracy.

N.: Dr. Robert Dincan put together the technology that allowes the government to transmit
thoughts & voices into the heads of the Americans.

V:? "Dr. Robert Duncan."

V: " First question for you. 
What's negative about what you've done?"
D: " Errr..., I've empowered the dark side by some of my work."
V.: "And what do you mean by that?"
D : "Technology is neutral...
V: "right..."
D: "... They can be used for good or evil."
V.: "(good or evil)
D :"and I worked on the projects with the CIA, Justice Department, (&) Department Of
V.: "WHen you worked for the CIA, when you worked for the government in alll these
sensitive area, what did you do and where did you work?"
D : "That's sensitive information. I can't tell you that."
V.: "Is this the stuff "voices in the head" and things like that?"
D : "Yes."

JV Narration: This guy looks nervous. He should be. 
But he also looks like wants to get some stuff off his chest.

V.: " We've run into a few people that claim they got voices in their heads, they sleep inside
tin-foil boxes, they do a lot of crazy things, it seems. But when they talk to us, they seem
totally normal, and seem totally sane. Are these people crazy, or is the government doing
this to them?"
D : "The government's doing this to them."

JV Narration: He's not even bothering to hide it(!).

D: "They call this 'The Voice of God' Weapons."
V.: "So you know for a fact that these weapons that you worked on, they've been used
domestically today?"
D : "Abosolutely. You have to remember that CIA has a long history of experimenting on
a citizens for (long)..."
V: "right
D: " LSD..."
V: " Sure...OK, we're talking is going back to the MKUltra and all that in '60s -'70s.
 But we're told that all that stopped.Is that untrue?"
 The programme continued under new names, new budgets. It's 'the ULTIMATE
V:"To your knowledge today, are there citizens of this country that have been abused
with this technology?"
D:"Worse than 'abuse'. That's a light word. They have been 'tortured.'"

JV Narration: So the Targeted Individuals aren't crazy after all.
I knew it.
Now it's a matter of how they do it.


V:" OK, Doctor, To deliver this, how do they get into your head? Diverted with this GWEN
Towers, they allegedly be used before, now they claim doe being not used for anything?"
D:"They do match up with the properties with this necessary capabilities. They easily could
be broadcasting across the country messages to people, and causing them extreme pain.
That's a part of the whole World Domination strategy, control the population, from
sub-consciously to consciously..."

JV Narration: And now we've got the motive:
'Controlling dissenters, controlling the World, controlling you and me...'

V:"Who are the controllers?" I mean, is that a president? the Federal Reserve?..."
V:"So, these are people within our government at a certain level that can make decisions and
not necessarily a president or elected officials...?"
D:"That's exactly right."
V:"Wow.... That makes it even more difficult, because they can't be removed..."
D:"They can't be removed & they're difficult to find. They hide in a dark clevices of our
V:"You worked for these people."
V:"You worked on this."
V:"You helped to develop it."
D:"(yes...) I was naive. I did not know how the technologies were going to be put together,
and an Ultimate Weapon created.
V:"You're not still working for it?"
V:"You are now equivocally lookng me in the eye right now, and you're telling me that you
have no more to do with this, and that you are to expose it."
D:"That's correct, sir."
V:" OK, do you feel fear for your life?"
D:" 'Life'?? No."
V:"No? Why?"
D:"No.? I just don't stone fear death."
V:"With your background, and what you know,
Can you give us a hint on what we are to do?"
V:"No? Is it too late?"
D:"I actually believe it's too late."

V:"So what you're telling me, (that) evey one of us should be in fear of this, because every
one of us at some point will be targeted?"
D:" Yes. The technology has advanced to that far."

N.: One of the men behind this technology admits he created a monster: An experiment 'to
 Control' gone 'Out-Of-Control.' And what's worse, it's no telling how far it will go, or they
can never be stopped.


JV Narration: They're not crazy. Remember that.?These people who hear voices in their
heads, who say they're being harassed by the government. A lot of them are't crazy.
We've heard it from from the source. The man who went from Harvard to the CIA, and
helped develop the technology. He claims he's not working for them any more, but he says
the conspiracy lives on. And he says there's no way to stop it.

 Well, I dont buy that.
 We've shined the light on these rats. and now that we did, remember. You've got the voices,
too. We all do. And you can be the louder of it all. I'm Jesse Ventura, and this is A'Conspiracy


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[Amended:02/Apr]《TRANSCRIPT》YouTube:"That's Impossible Mind Control"
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聞き取り違いその他訂正:on 02・April
『音声送信(?)』の技術その他のMind Control テクノロジーが、等質ではなくて事実である事に関する番組


That's Impossible Mind Control

  ...But, theoretically, the same technology that protects us could also be used
"against" us.
 “One scary possibility that we’d have to guard against is that it is possible that
hackers in the future could somehow manage to peep inside our own heads.”  

   There may be reason to be concerned.

Ms. C.W.:  “I’m Cheryl Welsh. I'm a human rights activist
and a Mind Control victim.”

   Studying in the 1960s people began claiming they are victims of Mind Control.

  As recent as 2007, prestigious publications like Washington Post,
investigating claims by growing number of victims that the government
is trying to control their minds.
  Cheryl is one of them. Cheryl believes she became a Targeted Individal=a ”T.I.”
in the 1980s, when she worked into an Army Recruiting Office to see if she's
qualified for the Collage tuition grant.
She's decided not to enlist. 
And that is what she
claimed the strange Mind Control phenomena began.

C.W.: " Basically of the heaing of the voices, the manipulation of all your electrical 
equipments, the clicks on the phones, the reading of your thoughts, the reading
 of our mind, seeing what you're
seeing, ..."

  Could Cheryl's claims and those other T.I.s  be true?
And if so, how is the government contolling your mind? 
Many of them, including Cheryl, point to an electromagnetic and microwave
Mind Control weapons.

 C.W.:  "Everybody agrees your mind is an electro-chemical system. It works
as an electric singals, magnetic signals, and signals from outside. 
They know this can mimic, disrupt, or interfere with signals in
your body...."

   John Alexander is a retired US Army Colonel and Pentagon Advisor on
non-lethal weapons. 
 His 1980 article, "The New Mental Battlefield," published in the Army General
Military Review, is cited by Cheryl and
other T.I. victims as proof, that the 
government is carrying our Mind Control Experiments. 
  However, he denies any government wrong-doings. 

Col. J.A.:  "I'm well familiar with the conspiracy theories on the Mind Control by
the States.
  The biggest question I'd ask you is, "Why them?". 

  Why them, indeed. 
  Religious leaders and political leaders have been trying to enslave the minds
of normal everyday people since the dawn of man to great success. 

  Over the centuries, even the most rudimentary types of Mind Control have
been used to cunning perfection by religious fascists & cult leaders.

Dr. J B.:  Essentially, Mind Control is the deceptive, unethical, and systematic
use of the techniques for persuasion and control.
 I'm Dr. Jeanny/Jonny? B__, a clinical psychologist in private practice, and also
a Cult
Awareness Activist.

   One of the most pervasive form of Mind Control is "Brainwashing,"
a.k.a. "Thought  Reform", or "Re-Education." 

   It's a technique most often associated with a modern day cults,
and perhaps the most chilling example is that of Reverend Jim Jones,
who in 1978, had led more than 900 followers to commit mass suicide
his Jones Town  Establishment in Guiana, South America.

Dr.J.B.: "How Jim Jones went from being kind of a popular preacher
to this monstrous cult leader was really a journey. 
   Certainly when people joined the group, they didn't join a group 
that was gonna isolate them from the former lives, in a jungle and
require them to kill themselves.  Now that's not what people signed up

  What they signed up for was to be a member of the People's Temle,
founded in 1955 in Indianapolis, Indiana, under the pretext of
helping the poor, and fostering Human Rights.

Dr.J.B.:  "So, at the beginning of the indoctrination process,
that people are making choices about their affiliating with the group
without really knowing that much about it. 
   As they travelled down that
road, they became more and more invested
in the group, they formed the relationships with people, and they severed
relationships with people outside of their group."

  As his congregation grew, Rev. Jones increased the discipline
and dedication required of his members. 
He assumed the Messiah-like presence.
His sermons forecasted the Nuclear Holocaust and the
destruction of the world, that he promised his followers they would
be saved, and many believed it. 
  He used "fear" to win their loyalty and trust; a crucial ploy in gaining
control one's mind. 
built on that "fear", demanding "perfection" from his followers.

Dr.J.B.: "The beauty of this from the Mind Control's stand point is that
'nobody can ever be perfect'. 
 Everybody is sceptible then to punishment. 
 These are very common techniques really;

" Rewards & Punishments / Inclusion &  Exclusion / Approval & Disapproval.

 Jones convinces his followers to turn over all the wealth and possessions.
At this point, he owned their trust, and, their MINDS. 
 He convinced parents to relinquish custody with their kids,
and destroyed the
bonds between husband&wife by forcing them to engage
in extra-marital relationships, oftentimes with Jones himself. 

  He not only isolated his followers from one another,
but also from the outside world. 

 The cult moved in Guiana in 1977, and on November 18th, 1978,
Jones gathered his followers and handed out poisons.
They were so brainwashed, or terrified,
that they carried out the largest mass suicide
Dr.J.B.:   “One of the things that existed at the end was this enviroment
of the total control.”

  It's the environment of the total control that makes brainwashing so
terrifying and so effective.

  The term, "Brainwashing" itself was first used in 1950s
during the Korean War.
Something sinister was happening to American soldiers in prisons during
the War and thousands in Chinese prisons.
  70% of the nearly 7 thousands prisoners have either confessed
to committing the War crimes,
or signed the petitions calling for ending the American war effort in Asia.

  Alarmed, CIA Director Allen Dulles suspected the Chinese military
of using some form of Mind Control,  at __ Americans have the superior capabilities.

  So in 1953, he turned to Dr. Harold Wolff, the world's famous neurologist 
to launch an investigation on the alleged Communist Brainwashing techniques
for the CIA.

   Wolff’s secret report to the CIA Director Dulles became the definitive
US government work on Brainwashing.

   “May be it’s not too surprising that for decades people have been fearing
that the governments or other agencies would be trying to read or
control their minds, because, well, let’s face it, in fact there have
been exactly those kinds of interests in some corners of the governments…”

  Wolff interviewed hundreds of former POWs and Chinese prisons' interrogators. 
He discovered that the Communist methods rested in a few key elements:
*Putting the prisoner in a solitary confinement,
*Depriving them of sleep, and
*Subjecting them to the glueing(?) interrogation sessions
that would go on for days.

   The CIA had cracked the code of the Chinese Brainwashig techniques,
but kept the truth from the American public.

  In 1953, CIA Director Dulles released the statement on
the Communists Brainwashing,
“We in the West, someone had handicapped in getting all the details.
There are few survivors, and we have no human
to try these extraordinary techniques.” 
But they were about to find some “unwilling” subjects.

  “Studying in the 1950s and running up through at least in early 1970s,
the CIA was involved in a variety of different experiments and in which
it was trying to alter the minds of subjects without them
knowing it. 
   They used drugs, they used variety of other things
such as Behaviour Modification techniques,
and all things to try to see just what they could do to change people’s memories,
whether they could cause
people to forget things that has happened to them..."

  The CIA’s programmes and experiments of Mind Control became to
be known as "MKUltra."

   "MKUltra was a government programme to see whether
through various different techniques, people could be made to do things
which they wouldn’t normally do. 
    ‘MKUltra; the “M” is “mind”, “K” is “control”
(My(=RS) Comment: I have read
in many different articles that this “K” stands not for “control,” but, in fact for “Kill”.
“Ultra” is “breaking the Code.”  So this is basically “breaking the code of the mind,”
the secret of the mind and basically “controlling their minds." ‘

  The MKUltra project was officially launched on the April 13th, 1953,
on the order of CIA Director Allen Dulles. 
The early effort focused on a newly discovered drug;  lithergic Acid Diathelemine=LSD.

  Provoked by the Chinese and Korean experiments of the Mind Control,
starting in 1953, the CIA began carrying out the covert Mind Control experiments
of its own on unwilling subjects.  

  Drugs were the center of many of these experiments. 
LSD was administered to Military personnel, mentally ill patients,
and even the members of the general public, usually without the subjects
or consent. 
  Eventually the testing involved the number of other drugs. 
  At least 2 known deaths were linked to these secret Mind Control experiments.

   The CIA also found unknowing human gineapigs in Canada
where they recruited and secretly funded the work of Dr. D. Ewin Cameron,
a world's renown phychiatrist working at Allen Memorial Institute.  

  From 1957 to 1964, he carried out what he called, "Mind Depatterning Experiments."

  "Dr. Cameron was one of the number of people who was fascinated by
the idea of "Personality".  If you can measure the element of a personalty,
perhaps you could, in effect, take pieces of personality,
deconstruct it,
and then lay it there, and may be he build it..."

   To test his Mind Control theories, Dr. Cameron used the following technique;
*Subjects will be put into a deep sleep;
*And only be awakened long enough to undergo daily electroshock
therapy treatments;
*150 volts of electricity, pulsing through the patients brain...

  This went on sometimes for a months.

  More than 80 universities and institutions took part in the MKUltra project.

   "MKUltra used people in the mainstream academic community.
Phychiatrists who willingly signed up because they thought they were
doing their best thing for their country. 
This was of couse the dark days of the Cold War."

   Rumours of these secret Mind Control experiments began to sueface
in the late 1960s and early 70s. 
The US Congress opened an investigation.

  In 1973, CIA Director Richard Helms abruptly ordered all MKUltra files
sealed and destroyed, making of full investigation on this Mind Control
programme virtually impossible. 
But what Helms didn't know was
at some boxes in the dark were restored
in a warehouse, and were not destroyed.

  They exposed that between 1940 and 1974, the Department of Defense
and other National Security Angencies conspired to subject thousands of
Americans and Canadians to dangerous Mind Control

  During the 35 years since these experiments ended, science has made giant
leaps away from these primitive attempts of the Mind Control,
and are making "Science Fiction," a "Science Fact."

  Even the government has been secretly developing a new Mind
Control technology.

  According to this article in the Washington Post Magazine, in 1994,
the Air Force research laboratry carried out experiments for scientists 
used technology to transmit phrases into the heads of human subjects. 

  By burying subliminal messages in microwaves and beaming into a
person’s head.   It seems like a weapon torn from the pages of a comic book.

  The Air Force denies its working on the plan, but Patent #6,470,214,
issued on the October 22nd, 2002, says otherwise.
The Patent titled:
 “Method and Device For Implementing The Radio Frequency Hearing Effect”
Patent holder: The US Air Force.

   Documents surrounding the development of this secret weaponry are classified,
but what is known is that Microwaves carry energy.
What a Microwave pulse is absorbed by our body,
this energy is
converted to heat, causing the tissue to expand slightly,
and then contract when it cools.  If the Microwave were aimed at our heads,
its expansion and contraction would be heard as a clicking sound
could be encoded into words.

   “With that sort of technology, you could give someone an instruction,
or you could perhaps make them think they’re going mad. 
And it quite clearly talks about the military applications of this technology.”

   It's Patent # 6,470,214, “A Top Secret Mind Control Weapon.”   
According to this passage in the patent documents, this device can beam
energy waves that can "be converted to nerve signals,
which are
sent to the brain, thereby enabling intelligible speech to be
perceived by the brain."  

The result ?

  The person hears voices that aren’t there,
but like the voices reportedly heard by Targeted Indivisuals...

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 『逆カルチャーショック/Reverse Culture Shock』(=正式名)に重ねられて始まった、
 帰国後、家に辿り付いて以来、北海道から一際出ていません。 私自身は一切『街宣』等に参加した事は御座いません。 街宣での自己紹介の中で、私のブログの事では?と連想させるような説明を取り入れることで、まるでその人物が私ではないか、と思い込ませ人違いを促す『成り済まし(風)』にご注意下さい。


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