4時間家の前で停車(乗車したまま)の車輌に関して"Regarding a man who stayed in a car that stayed in front of my house for 4 hours "[Completely Domestic Issue]
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  私が到頭通報するまで運転席に乗ったまま4時間位ずっと我が家の前に停車していた車輌があったのですが、=There was a man sitting on the driver's seat of a car and was parking right in front of my house for about 4 hours,
暫くは=for a while、別に近所の関係かも知れないし、= because it might be that he was waiting for someone in this neighbouthood, 工事関係かも知れないし=or could be to do with the construction work nearby、もし誰かが気が付けば通報するのかも知れないし=or perhaps someone in this neighbour might have noticed and reported to the police already,、集ストの一環で引っかける為に= although this appeared to be a part of a typical Gang Stalking activity to my perception, (気のせいだとか気にし過ぎだ、といった話をどんどん作って行く為等=as a Gaslighting, to trick the target and then deny the trick to make the target look over-sensitive or mentally unfit, )態とにやっている可能性もあったので放置していたのですが= I wasn't paying much attention to him too much for a while until-, (何せ、ただずっと人の家の前に4時間も停車して車の中からじっとこっちを見る事も多い4時間が続くのは、他意が無くてもストーカーに似た気持ちの悪い効果があるのは事実。= It is also a fact that a man staying in his car's driving seat for 4 hours in front of a woman's house was quite an unnerving thing)、
  例え幾ら他意が無く正当な理由が用意されていたとしても= even if he didn't mean to disgust a resident like me as he was actually doing that, and even if he had a justifiable reason to be doing so (理由は必ず用意されているに決まっている(!)= of course he must have had a right reason to do that!)4時間もずっと車に座ってうちの前でじっとしているのは、気持ちが悪い= it was cringy of him to keep sitting in his car and parking in front of my house for 4 hours there (住人であるこっちの居心地が悪くならない方がおかしい= it could be even difficult NOT to notice and feel discomfort)ですし、こっちに対しては理由がはっきりしていないのは事実なわけですから= It was a fact that the reason for doing that was not clearly communicated to me anyway、日が暮れて来たので= and at last the sun was going to set、通報位はした方が良いと思ったわけです= I was determined to report this car to the police anyway.。迷惑行動に限り無く近くIt actually was an act next to nuissance、しかし=however、かなり微妙にそうでもなく= it is NOT that nuissance in a very subtle way(当事者の言い訳次第で右にも左にも傾く状況が積極的に作られているので= it was a fact that a kind of situation was so created that how he would explain his action could shift my reporting position either to the right or to the left depending on how he would answer、単に気持ちが悪いだけで済まなかった場合= Had it been a case that the man parking would NOT be by an innocent reason、つまり=that is,もし本当の異常者であった場合は危険なので=i.e.,had he been a real pervert(criminal)、草の根対処も必要になる=that could have been a situation to prevent the crime at the grassroot phase.、その微妙な判断の必要な位置に置かれたこっちの立場があるので= and I was the one who was pressured to decide which way to judge the situation)、(行動を起こさせておいて= in a Gang Stalking case and not a real pervert, they often CAUSE the target to take some action、起こすと=and when the target would take an action、何過敏になっているの?と言い返すのは=they would usually pretend innocent and act as if they're confused and would ask, "what are you talking about?"、集ストがターゲットを引っかけるのに良くやる典型例。=one of typical Gang Stalking tactics="Gaslighting")客観的に見て相手に居心地の悪い思いをさせる状態を続けているのは実際判る事だと思うからです= It appeared that, objectively saying, that the Gang Stalking was the most likely possibility, and whether it was so or not, the man was actually causing the woman(me) unconfortable and was continuing the position for 4 hours, and it was a fact.。
  家から出る度に露骨にこっちを見続けるなど自体= the act of keep watching me(the "eye-fixing" one! that he was doing!-but a bit deliberate manner-) quite blatantly every time I was out there itself was-、余りマナーも良いわけでもありませんから=not considered too good a manner as a man anyway.、居心地は良く無いとはいえ= Although he wasn't pleasant that way、それも業とに見えたので= he still looked as if he was doing so deliberately and not because he was a real pervert (集ストであれば=if he was one of the Gang Stalkers、私に何らかの行動を起こして欲しい余りに= he would likely to do that kind of thing only because they want their target to react to their ambivalent and unpleasant action/behaviour,、という事もあり得ますので= and it was a possibility.)放置していましたが= That was the reason why I was leaving it for 4 hours and didn't pay much attention at first、
もう日も暮れかけ= but the sunset was coming、4時間もただ運転席に座ったままうちの真ん前に停車しているので=and he had been sitting in his driver's seat unmoved for 4 hours!(according to my security camera recording)( I didn't know when he came)、
引っかかったのでも良いから通報したところ= I thought I would anyway report it to the police even if he was doing in order that I would report him、「宜しく」と言って電話を切った途端に立ち去りましたJust as well! as soon as I hang the phone to the police, the car shot off!!!!。
   私に、出て行って何をしているのか聞きに行って欲しいのではないかとも思ったし= I thought he was doing that either to make me go to him and ask him what he was doing、第一、誰も通報しないということは不審ではないか認知状態と受け取れましたし= the fact that he was there meant that no one in the neighbour was reporting him at all to start with、ひょっとしたら私が通報する為に電話を取るなどした途端に居なくなるのでは?とも実際思ったのですが= So I actually foresaw that he might leave immediately as I call the police, exactly as he actually did!、
それでも良いので、どうなるかと思い通報したところです。= I decided to call the police even if that's what he wanted me to do, and he would leave when I call the police, so I did call.
   そして=And、案の定=just as I predicted、電話を切った途端にさっと居なくなりました= he left immediately after I hang the phone。
   何とか、私の信用を落とす方向に小細工が増えるかも知れませんね= May be the group is trying to trick me to do something silly and accumulate such partial evidences to forge them to create a story as if I was mad.。先日もJust like the other day、うちの玄関ドアのサムターンを見て大げさに驚いて= when a man came to my door and watching the inside of my door lock 「ア!これの事だったんですね!=Wow! is this what they meant!?」と言われ=he said、泥棒のような発言に驚いて= I was shocked by it as it was like a talk of a burglar、私が「え?」と聞き返した途端に= as soon as I asked"what?",、あっという間に玄関フードの外に退いて出ていって= the man suddely got out side of the door、大げさに『土下座』をし= sat flat on the ground in an overacting manner, and loudly saying「済みませんでしたっ!!!=I'm sorry!!!」とやられたので=because he did this,、こっちも慌てて玄関フードから顔を出して= I,too, went out of the front porch,、大声で「私は謝らせていません!モラハラでありません!」と言いに出ましたよね=I also said loudly"I didn't ask him to do this! I am not harassing!" 、そして実際に起こったことを伝えたくて=and I continued loudly , because I wanted people to know exactly what had happened,「なぜ、うちの玄関のサムターンを確認して、「ア!これのことだったんですね!?」と言ったんですか?」と、大声で曝しましたよね=" Why did you say Wow! is this what they meant!?????,as you checked my inside of the door lock?" didn't I?。

[  ひょっとしたら、何かと陥れ工作か、攻撃態勢が殖えていますか????= Is there an increased effort(plan) to trick me more and more like these by chance??? ]
[  そうだとしたら、一体誰で、理由は何でしょう???さっぱり判りません。何かあったんですか? =IF so,who are they? and WHY do they want to trick me?? Was anything happened??? ]


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再度の成り済まし?風(!) 私に関連づけ?
カテゴリ: ◇CoIntelPro:《被害報告&その他不審事項》
[これは、2018-07-11 18:33:08にseesaaブログで書いた記事を2019-12-30 17:10-ishにこのFc2へ持って来たものです ]

  私が自分のブログを更新すると=Every time I update my blogs、そのタイミングで直ぐ後に、=right after I did updated it, 必ずのように掲示板などで=almost definitely, in a place like social boards 殆ど=almost(恐らく[必ず]と言って良いタイミングで=probably I can say "definitely" and not "almost---")、成り済まし風の書き込みが再開される事にも、しばらく前からですが、気が付いていました= I knew that IMPERSONATOR of me begins to write and mess around the board to look as if it is me who is messing them up。
  今回もです。= THis time,too.
別に自分のブログを書くついでに毎回一々他にも書きに行くというのも可笑しいと思うのですが=I would feel it doesn't make sense if one goes out to someone's site and write something every time I update own blog、恐らく=That is probably、書いたついでだと思わせるか= either she wants people to be deceived into thinking it's "me" because it comes every time I updated own blog、いつもそのタイミングなので=because it is always the timing,、『アンカリング』と云うらしいですが=apparently it is called "anchoring" by the way、条件反射的に=as "a stimulous-response", 私とそれを重ねて連想させるように= in order that people are trained to associate me with those writing subconsciously so that 意識に植え付けようともしているのでは they are rubbed into their mind that the contents of those writings were to do with me??
いつもここで何か書くと=If it is repeatec every time I wrote something in my own blog、掲示板にも書きに来るのを繰り返されたら=  they repeat impersonating wiritngs in someone else's place、関連づけられ易くなりますよね= It is inevitable that people are invited to associate the contents and such personality of such activity with "me" as I had just updated own blog, thus easily deceived into believing those impersonating writings as mine。
あれは異常な粘着というか執念としつこさです=That's obsession or a grudge of such abnormal level!。
以前は=in the past、私にブログを止めさせたくて、更新する度にどこかで暴れるのかとも思った事もあるのですが= I was thinking they misbehave in somewhere else every time I write my blog because they wanted me to stop writing my blog、
ああいった掲示板等他の人の所への書き込みを私では?と勘繰らせるためだけとも考えられますが= it can also be thought that they repeat it because people are easily deceived into believing(or guessing wrongly) that those mess outside were also "mine".、
私が自分のブログを更新すると=anywany every time I write my own blog、そのタイミングで現れて書き込みをしているのを見ますので= I find they immediately write something in socual boards intending to impersonate me subtly、その法則も、どうぞ知っておいて頂きたいです=please be noted of this tactics are also used, and don't be deceived。
  私が昨日ここに書き=  I wrote one in here yesterday、さっきはバナナケーキの記事もMy Playroom にも出しましたが=and I wrote one more about Bana a Cake in "My Playroom" blog,、
今見ると=as I checked their places now、あの掲示板にまた別のHNで書き込みがあり= I foud them doing that writing again that sounds as if it's me, and write things I am not either thinking or feeling at all, they make up!、内容にも=even in their contents、いつものように=as usual、私の生活などと共通する表現がいつものように織り込んであり= they include in their writing something that matches my lifestyles or sayings、「私と関連づけられたり、私ではないかと勘繰られると迷惑だな、=" I don't want others to think as if those are my writing."」と思って読んでいた所です=I was so worrying。
  私が自分のブログ(主にここ)を書く度に=Every time I write something in my own blogs必ずと言って良い頻度で= as almost ceertainly (恐らく「必ず」= probably I can say "definitely")ああいう所で= in places like those boards、私だと思われ兼ねない内容や表現で= in a amanners and expressions intended  for people to assume or guess those were written by me, as they pretend  to be me書き込みをされるのに気が付いた= I noticed this activityのは恐らく去年かまたはそれ以上以前からだったかも知れません= since last year or years before。
  何も自分のこのブログに何かを書いたからと言って= Even if I write something in my own blog doesn't mean-、わざわざその度に他にまで行って何かを書き込む、等と言う事はしておりませんので= I would write something else in others place every time I update my own blog,、ご注意お願いいたします=So please be careful not to think those were by me。
  あれは、私ではありませんし、=Those are NOT mine, and
何度もされるので= because they do it too often、何度も繰り返す羽目になりますが=I have to repleat this repeatedly as well、他に書きに行っておりませんので=I am NOT writing in other's place。こんな状態ではそれは危なくて出来そうにもありませんし。

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カテゴリ: ◇CoIntelPro:《被害報告&その他不審事項》

[これは、2018-07-09 21:32:44にseesaaブログで書いた記事を2019-12-30 17:17-ishにこのFc2へ持って来たものです ]

   私の親類縁者などに=For example, to my relatives and family friends、嘘情報か何かを送信(報告?)し続けている誰かか組織か= there seem to be either individuals or an organizations that forge a lie and report the lie each time to themがあると思うのですが、
一体どこのどんな人物(達)なんでしょう=who are they??? 嘘を報告され=I seem to be being reported blatant lies and、それらが鵜呑み状態のようなんですけど=and seems they are always believed instantly。何年にもなると思います=Seems it's been done for years。
   今回のは=This time, the contents were-、「私が全く動かない(歩いていない)のですっかり頭が悪くなり、一日中テレビを見て暮らしている。」という内容のようですが"Becasue I am not exercising(not walking at all),I became stupid(brain function deteriorated and became unintelligent、I am spending all day watching TV".、
元々テレビが大嫌いで=But I basically dislike TV to start with、点けっ放しの所には居たたまれなくなる程嫌いで= I don't want to  stay in a place where a TV is on all the time、私の持っているテレビといったら携帯のワンセグだけですし=All the TV I have is my cell phone's One-Seg、点けるとしても夕食を食べている間などにちらっと付ける程度ですし=If I ever watch the OneSeg, it is only while I eat my dinner,、テレビというと日本語の俗な番組ですので=TV here means extremely common programmes in japanese、私が何かをボケッと受け身にただ見て暮らすなど= it is unlikely that I spend all day in front of a TV like a nerd、ましてや日本語のテレビなどを見続けると言うことはあり得ないんですよね= let alone a japanese TV is completely unthinkable。
  PCの前にずっと居ますが=I am sitting in front of my PC almost all day, however.、テレビ等をボケッと見る様にボ~ッと受け身にぼんやり見て暮らしているわけでもないですし=I am not passively watching it in the manner one sit in front of a TV all day empty-mindedly although I would doze off on the Youtube sometimes、
何しろ、親類縁者か何か私の関連人物への報告内容は=Anywhow the contents my relatives and others are receiving are 、徹底的に悪意に歪められた侮辱ばかりのようですが= thoroughly distorted in such malicious manners with such insults、どういう人物または組織で馬鹿な報告をしているのか判りませんか=Does anybody know who has been doing it???(こう書いても仕方がありませんが=though it's useless to write this way here)。
  兎に角いつまでもいつまでもFor a long,long time、悪意に歪められた侮辱的な告げ口だか報告か知りませんが=such maliciously distorted insulting reports or whispers-I don't know which-、良く続きますよね=I'm amazed how long they could continue this this long、相当の粘着気質のしている事であるには違いありません=No mistake the person is obsessive。こっちと一切口も聞かず顔も合わせている訳でもないそんな人物が=It is someone who hasn't even spoken to me or never seeing me face to face at all、人の事を知りもしないくせに= knows me nothing but勝手に気持ちやら動機やらまで創作して継ぎ接ぎし= inventing my feelings and motives on whatever I do or don't,、人の親類縁者に報告か何かを何年も何年も続けるとは= and forge the report and send to my relatives and connections for years and years、悪質極まりません= is extremely evil。対象は、親類縁者等に限らないかも知れませんが=although the recipients aren't probably not limited to my relatives、どういう人物または組織でしょうか=Who are they who's been doing it??
  しかも=On top of it,、入ってくる間接的な報告を確認もなしに鵜呑みにするというのも問題なのですが=it seems the recipients are all so trusting the report or whatever so much、信頼させてしまえばあり得るのでしょうかね= they must have won their trust somehow, if they cound deceive them so instantly。
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 『逆カルチャーショック/Reverse Culture Shock』(=正式名)に重ねられて始まった、
 帰国後、家に辿り付いて以来、北海道から一際出ていません。 私自身は一切『街宣』等に参加した事は御座いません。 街宣での自己紹介の中で、私のブログの事では?と連想させるような説明を取り入れることで、まるでその人物が私ではないか、と思い込ませ人違いを促す『成り済まし(風)』にご注意下さい。


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