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Cult Driven Gang Stalking or Cause Stalking has become an American Epidemic

August 29, 2007

What is Community-based Harassment?
Community-based harassment is a grown-up version of school yard bullying. Multiple individuals within a community participate in the harassment and stalking of a single individual. However, rather than attack a victim physically, techniques are used to undermine a person psychologically. This can be far more damaging than a physical attack because not only is it very hard to prove, but it is extremely traumatizing for the victim. (Also known as cause stalking or gang stalking).
What sets community-based harassment apart from the related examples to the right is that the reason it takes place is often obscure to the victim. Without a solid reason for its occurrence, victims are often dismissed as delusional.
In addition, this form of harassment often leaves the target a victim of ridicule among friends and family because of the subtle nature of the attacks, which further compounds the trauma to the victim. It is emotionally draining and isolating to the victims because it is extremely difficult to prove, and virtually impossible to prosecute.
View a video of gang stalking activity. Also, there is a slideshow of stills taken from the video.
Frequently Asked Questions about organized stalking groups.Why is this Happening?
Although it is difficult for a non-victim to understand, it is not difficult to realize that many schoolyard bullies have never outgrown their unhealthy ways of dealing with conflict and pain.
Reasons may include revenge by people who feel slighted but prefer to remain anonymous. Revenge is more common than you may think, especially with the advent of the internet which allows “revengists” or “avengers” to share their ideas. See
http://www.ekran.no/html/revenge/ or do a search on the word “revenge” to see for yourself.
It is also possible that such harassment has developed into a form of “sport” for the individuals who participate, not unlike a schoolyard bullying situation, which tends to center somewhat obsessively and irrationally around one individual who is perceived to be weak.
It is important to realize that our society’s understanding of human psychology has grown exponentially over the last 50 years, allowing any hate or vigilante group to take full advantage of such knowledge. “Psychological warfare” is the perfect crime, because it causes the maximum damage to the victim, with the least chance of exposure of the perpetrator(s). Victims can very well be driven to suicide, while the explanation appears to be mental illness, so their claims are never investigated.


5, Birgit Ferguson Says:

July 24, 2008 at 9:34 pm
I have been gang stalked since 1998 after I became a victim of a violent crime and the perpetrator was not prosecuted due to his political ties and this person has used extremist Christian cults to stalk me. I incurred a heart attack due to all the stalking and was even harassed and stalked by this group in the hospital. My livelihood has been taken away from me and I was befriended by someone and moved to Naples Florida and current being psycho terrorized 24×7 in Naples, Florida. These people intimidate me with all what I say and do in my home. This person always visits all the churches in the area and gets them to participate and visits the neighborhood associations to commit the crimes against me.
These people even pretend to be Christians and try to get all private information from you and pretend to be victims also to just stalk and harm you. It has ruined my credit, my life and health. I consider the stalking I have incurred in the City of Naples Florida attempted murder upon my life. I know all the electronic vicious attacks being carried out, I have incurred everyone of them. The police seem to aid and abet these criminals in the state of Florida, when I went to report someone breaking into my car and tempering with my brakes they did nothing. It is done by high powered bullies who use their badges and government position to gang stalk women. Even the assembly of God has participated in this gang stalking. These people think it is funny and not meant for criminal intend. There is nothing funny about this abuse and violations of civil rights. I have lived as being human trafficked by these people now for 10 years. Every job is being visited and employers are told they will not be prosecuted and to make me angry, wanting to make sure I have another heart attack. I call it attempted murder carried out in the city of Naples. These people told me I will have nothing bu suicide left in the end, in my case the police was part of this abuse. I would put Naples on the list of a stalking vicious community.

6-1 Christian and a Target Says:

August 1, 2008 at 2:34 pm
I am also a recently enlightened target, of about 12 years,
and I am being gangstalked at church, the last place on earth I expected such evil.

This unknown news of gangstalking infiltration in churches needs to be spread to all Christian hosting websites!

May the Lord bless you.
6-2 Julia Murray Says:

July 21, 2009 at 1:53 pm
Am a Christian too- tho initial stalking & EM attacks happened outside of a church environment,happening on my street & in my house, the practice is widely denied, ignored, and as others here have said, there are perps within the church itself. This has been my experience. This was the experience of a Pastor called Richard Wurmbrand in Romania during the Nazi era and then under Communism, when it was illegal to be a Christian.You could even say its a form of brain washing in itself to oppose everything that we are taught is true, is good,in order to oppress someone. Presumably other Christians are willing to do this because they are led to beleive they are helping to "out" someone about whom lies have been told. Not unlike in the Reagan era when it was beleived that creating nuclear weaponry would "help" God in His eventual destruction of evil.( Am speaking as a person in the UK ) It is shameful, it is repugnant. Yet there needs to be a way to actually present what is happening, surely, to those who will listen.

6-3 Roberta Steinberg Says:

May 5, 2010 at 5:01 pm
They do use the guise of "Religion" This is nonsense, but it works. They are just a bunch of thieves and con-artists. We can help you !

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