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アメリカのテロ対策関係者85万人 中に悪化勢力スパイ増加
Americans Involved in the Counter-Terrorism Acts Rose to 850,000
Within it are increased number of moles from the "Depraved" the Diabolical and Destructive  Forces

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  A major American Newspaper, Washington Post has completed its efforts of the past 2 years investigating American government's Intelligence gathering projects, and has compiled and published the outcome of the efforts in its special article.  
   The report says that during the past 9 years since the terrorists attacks on the Twin Tower, the American government has enforced its defence strategies and as a result, the number of organizations which dealt with the highest security intelligence relating to terrorsm has increased unanimously, that both governmental and non-governmental organizations which received the order rose to over 3,000, with the stations designed for the activities numbered around 10,000 within the U.S.A soil only. 
   Also, the budget towards the Intelligence gathering for the last year rose by 2.5 times more than 9 years ago, which was 日本円にして6兆5000億円, the number of individuals involved with this action increased by 1.5 times within the same frame to approximately 850,000.   Then-Secretary in the government spoke to Washington Post, "No one is able to grasp the whole picture of it because of too many projects being run for it. We cannot even claim that the situation in the U.S.A. has improved by it or not either."  In the same article, it also states that adding the reflection of the attempted terrorists attack in the American passenger plane which took place in December last year, that the Intelligence Organization needs more reorganizing and cooperation since it failed to prevent the incident because of its inability to pass on the information in time due to the inflamed size of the project itself, resulting failure of the smooth flow of information.

9.11同時多発テロ(September 11)

   Alien population militias within Japan and their groups have been propagating to the Japanese citizens that the 9/11 terrorists attack was not done by Al-Qaeda, but by the Bush Government and the Jewish Hierarchy who conspired it.  Becauese of this, we see a flood of web pages that back it up. The Japanese population now believe it  because we hear no objection or explanation from the Jewish side at all.  We would love to hear the explanations regarding this whether the assertion of those populations inside Japan as above are truthful or not.

-International Jerusalem Post
-DebkaFile ]
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アメリカ版情報省?DHS Department of Homeland Security
DHS Department of Homeland Security

 アメリカ国土安全保障省(アメリカこくどあんぜんほしょうしょう、U.S.Department of Homeland Security、DHS)は、アメリカ合衆国連邦政府の組織の1つである。 テロリストの攻撃と自然災害から国土の安全を守るために、2002年11月に設立された。 
   DHS,Department of Homeland Security is one of the United States' governmental organizations, established in November, 2002, for the purpose of Protection of the Americans within its soil from Terrorists attacks and  Natural Disasters.

   However, it became more obvious that instead of defending people from terrorists attacks, it started to surveillancing people who are against the "depraved" forces, and then by using intimidation and other dubious activities against them.

   The first person who exposed the secrets of DHS was a japanese female CEO.  By now, every segment of alien populations inside Janan claim to be exposing all about the DHS, and are boasting that they are now ably doing things clandestinely only what the Intelligence Ministry usually does.

   The Intelligence Ministry has been making a public comment as,"the spies are controlling the Police Force and Mass Media. A technician who went to the Police Dept. and the Media to had in the bugging systems they have removed were rejected at the entrance.  So the person left to the U.S.A. in order to pass the device to the F.B.I. instead.  The technician was then refused to make the entry clearance by the DHS Security officer at the port, and was forced to be sent back to Japan.  The technician then visited the American Embassy in Japan to obtain the Visa for the purpose but again the DHS had the request refused." 
  There is a need to investigate whether the Spy inspector or the whole DHS that is supporting terrorists.

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