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"Yuri Bezmenov ex KGB
Phychological Warfare Techniques;
Subversion and Control of Western Society

TRANSCRIPT (by me)(which means "you had better check the original well yourself"!)


   "Subversion" is the term, if you look in a dictionary, of Criminal codes to that matter,
usually is explained as a part of activity to destroy things like "religion", "government",
"system", " political, economical systems" of a country. And it's usually links to
espionage and such romantic thing as "blowing up bridges","sidetracking trains",
" (crock and dagger)(?) activities if Holywoods styles".

   And what I'm going to talk about now has absolutely nothing to do with the cliche
of espionage or KGB activity of collecting information.

   So the greatest mistake, or misconception, I think, is that whenever we talk about
KGB for some strange reason starting from Hollywood movie-makers to professors
of political science, and ""experts"" on Soviet affairs, or "criminologists" as they call
thelselves... they think the most desirabe thing for a group of the whole KGB is to
steal blue-prints of some Supersonic Jet, bringing it back to Soviet Union, and sell it to
the Soviet Military industrial complex,... It's only partly true if we take the whole time,
money and men-power that the Soviet Union and KGB in particular,spends outside
of the USSR Border. (We'll discover, of course, there are no official statistics unlike
CIA or FBI.)

   But the "espionage" as such occupies only 10-15% of money,time and men-power
- 15% of the activity of KGB. The rest of 85% is always "subversion." And unlike a
dictionary of English...Oxford Dictionary, "subversion" in Soviet terminology means
always a destructive, aggressive activity, aimed to destroy the country, nation, or
geographical area of your enemy. So there is no romantics in there. Absolutely!
No blowing up of bridges, no microphones in coca-cola cans - nothing of that sort.
No James Bond nonsense.
(Its).. Most of this activity is overt, legitimate and easily absolvable,
if you give yourself time & trouble to absolve. But according to the Law, and
Law Enforcement Systems of the Western civilizations, it's not a crime!! Excatly!
Because of misconception, manipulation of terms.

   We think the "subverter" is a person who's going to blow up a beautiful bridges.
No! (A) subverter is students who come to an exchange, a diplomat, an actor,
an artist, a journalist,...like myslef... "was" 10 years ago.
   Now, "sunversion" is an activity which is a two-way traffic. You cannot subvert
an enemy which does not want to be subverted. If you know the history of Japan,
for example, before 20's Century, Japan was a "Closed-Society." The moment a
foreign boat comes to shores of Japan, the Imperial Japanese Army politely tell
them " to get lost!" (laughter) And if an American salesman comes to the shore of
Japan, say, 60 -70 years from now back, and says "Oh, I have a beautiful vacuum
cleaner for you ..y'know. good financing...," "Please leave. We don't need your
vacuum cleaner." If they don't leave, they shoot them; - to preserve their culture,
ideology, tradition, values INTACT. You WERE not able to subvert Japan.

   You cannot subvert Soviet Union because the borders are closed. The media is
sensored by the governemnt, population is controlled by the KGB and Internal
Police. Although the beautiful gloss pictures of The Time Magazine, a Magazine
of America, of course, which is published by an Americal Embassy in Moscow....
   You cannot subvert Soviet citizens becausae the magazine never reaches
Soviet citizens.
   It's collected from the news stands and thrown to a garbage can. 

   Subversion can be only successful if an initiator, the "actor", the agent of
subversion has a responsive target.
It's a two-way traffic.

   United States is a receptive target of subversion. There is no response similar to
that one from the United States to the Soviet Union - it stops half-way somehwere
and never reaches here. 

   The theory of subversion goes all the way back 2,500 years ago. The first
human-being who formulated the tactics of subversion was a Chinese
philosopher by the name of SUN-TZU (2,500 BC (?)-the speaker says so)
He was an advisor for sevedral Imperial courts in anchient China .
And he said after a long meditation, that "to implement State policy in a war-like
manner is the most counter productive, barbaric, and ineffifient to fight on a
Battlefield." You know "the War is a continuation of a State policy" ... Right?
So... if you want to be successful to implement your state policy,
and if you start fighting, this is the most idiotic way to do. The highest art of
warfare is "not to fight at all!," but to subvert anything of value in the country of
your enemy - until such time the perception of reality of your enemy is screwed
up to such an extent that it does not perceive you as an enemy. And that your
system, your civilization and your ambition look to your enemy as "an alternative"
if not desirable, that at least feasible; "better than 'that'". That's the ultimate
purpose , the final stage of subversion after which you can simply take your
enemy without a single shot being fired. ... if the suversion is successful.
This is basically what "subversion" means.

   As you see, not a single mentioning of brick blowing up of bridges...of course,
SUN-TZU didn't know about "blowing up bridges" may be there were not many
beidges at that time... (laughter) 

   But the basics of subversion as being taught to every student of KGB school
in our society and in offices of Military academies.

   I'm not sure if the same author is included in the list of reading for American
officers,- to say nothing about odinary students of politcal science.
   I have difficulties to find the translation of SUN-TZU in a library of University in
Toronto, and later on here in Los Angeles. But it's a book which is not available.
It was forced to every students of USSR. Every students who is taught to be
dealing further in his future career with foreighers...

   What "subversion" is, basically it consists of 4 periods timewise. If we start from
here: and go this way ... right this is a beginning of time...

   The first stage of subversion is a process which is called basically
   It takes from, say, 15 to 20 years to demoralize a society. Why 15 or 20 yrs?
This is the time sufficient to educate one generation of students or children...
One generation...


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