TRANSCRIPT:[YouTube]"KGB Phychological Warfare Techniques; Subversion and Control of Western Society[2/7]"
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"Yuri Bezmenov ex KGB
Phychological Warfare Techniques;
Subversion and Control of Western Society

TRANSCRIPT (by me)(which means "you had better check the original well yourself"!)


   One life time span of a person, a human-being, which is dedicated to study,
to  shaping up the outlook, ideology, personality; No more, no less.  Usually
it takes 15 to 20 years.  What does it include?  It includes, influencing
or by various matters, infiltration, propaganda methods, direct contacts,
...doesn't really matter.  I will describe them later.

   Of various areas where public opinion is formulated, or shaped, "religion",
"educational system", "social life", "administration", "law-enforcement system",
"military", of course, and "labour & employer relations-economy", five areas. 
I will not write it down because there is no space.  

   Sometimes when I describe all the methods, students ask me questions,
"Are you sure this is the result of the Soviet influence?" "Not necessarily. " 

   You see, the tactical subversion, about which I'm talking, similar to the
Martial Art.  The Japanese Martial Art.  If some of you 're familiar with that
tactic probably you'll remember, that if an enemy is bigger, heavier than
yourself, it will be very painful to resist his direct strike.  If a heavier person
want us to strike me in the face, it would be very naive and
contra-productive to stop his blow. 
The Chinese and Japanese Judo Art tells us what to do.  First, where the
strike, then to grab the fist, and continue this movement in the direction
where it was and go, right? until the enemy crashes in the wall.

   You see, so, what happens here...? The target country obviously does
something wrong.  If it's a free, democratic society, there are many
different movements within the society. There obviously in every society,
there are people who are against this society.  They may be simple
criminals, or ideologically in disagreement with the state-policy,
Conscientious enemies, simply psychotic personality who are against
"anything", Right?  And finally there are small groups of agents of a foreign
nation, bought, subverted, recruited.  Right?  

   The moment all these movements will be directed to one direction,
right? This is the time to catch the movement, and to continue it,
until the movement forces the whole society into collapse into "CRISIS". 
   So that's exactly the Martial Art tactic.  We don't stop an enemy. 
We'll let him go - help him to go in the direction we want them to go. 

So, on the stage of "DEMORALIZATION" obviously there are tendency
in each society, in each country, which are going to opposite direction
from the basic morals and values of the principles, to take advantage of
these movements to get a horizon of them is the main purpose of the
originator of "subversion."  

   So we have "RELIGION", we have "EDUCATION", we have "SOCIAL
UNIONS" and finally we have "LAW AND ORDER."  -6.  O.K.? 
These are the areas of the application of "subversion".  

   What it means exactly?

In case of "RELIGION"- Destroy it, ridicule it, replace it with various
sects, cults, which bring people's attention, faith whether that is naive, 
anything, doesn't really matter.  As long as the basically accepted
religious dogma is being slowly eroded and taken away from the
Supreme Purpose of religion to keep people in touch with the Supreme
Being.  That serves the purpose. 
Therefore, replace the accepted, respected religous organizations with
fake organizations. Distract people's attention from the real Faith and
attract them to various different faiths.

"EDUCATION" - Distract them from learning something which is
constructive, pragmatic, efficient.  Instead of mathematics, physic,
foreign languages, chemistry, teach them "History of Urban Warfare",
"Natural Food",(laughter) "Home Economy", "Your Sexuality",
...anything as long as it takes you away.

"SOCIAL LIFE" -  Replace traditionally established institutions and
organizations with fake organizations.  Take away the initiative from
people, take away their responsibility from naturally established links
between individuals and group of individuals in society at large, and r
eplace it with artifically beurocratically controlled bodies.  Instead of
social life and friendships between neighbours, establish social workers
institutions.  Are people where (pay-load) from whom?, society? No!
 Beurocracy! The main concern of social workers is
not your family, not you, not social relations between
different groups of people.
The main concern is again the Pay-Check from the government. 
What would be the result of their social work? That really doesn't
matter; they can develop all kinds of concepts to show to the g
overnment and people that are useful.

Away from the Natural links.

O.K.  The natural board of the administration which are traditionally
either elected by people at large, or appointed by elected leaders
of society, or being actively substituted by artificial bodies. 
The bodies of people, groups of peole who "nobody elected"!
Never! - as a matter of fact, most of the people don't like them at
all and yet they exist!  One of such group is Media. Who elected them? 
(laughter) How come they have so much power? 
Almost monopolistic power on your mind.  They can rape your mind. 
But who elected them?  How come they have the nerve to decide
what is good , what is bad for the elected by you; President and
his administration? Who they allowed it?

 "? Avenue?" who was hated by the liberal ( ) called them " a bunch
of (   ) flogs"  And that is exactly what they are. 
They think they "know." They don't!

    You see, the level of mediocricy in a big establishment like New
York Times, Los Angeles Times, major Television Network. 
You don't have to be excellent  journalists.  You'll have to be exactly
a mediocre journalist.  That's easier to survive.  There is no
competition any more.  If you have your good, nice income of
US$100,000 a year.  That's it! Whether you are better or worse
doesn't really matter any more.  As long as yu are smiling to the
camera, and do your job.  That's it - no more.  No more competition!

   "POWER STRUCTURE" slowly is eroded by the bodies and groups
of people who do not have either qualificaion, nor the will of people,
to keep them in power, and yet they do have power.  O.K.

   Together with them there is another ( ).

"LAW ENFORCEMENT/LAW AND ORDER"- Organizational Structure
are being eroded.  For the last 20-25 years, if you see old movies &
new movies you can see the... In new movies, a policeman, an officer
of the United States Army looks dumb, angry psychotic, paranoia.
A criminal looks nice kind of, well, he smokes hash and shoots the
whatever drug, but basically he's a nice human-being; he's creative,
and he's unproductive only because society oppresses him. 
Whereby a General of Pentagons always a definition of a dumb
War-Maniac. A policeman is a pig, a rude policeman; he abuses his
power, you know. "Generalization" like that.   
They hate them; they mistrust to the people who are supposed to
protect you and enforce Law and Order, Moral Relativity.

(Something) has lost 2 years in Los Angeles.......


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