TRANSCRIPT:[YouTube] Gang Stalking as "Human Experimentation pt1" 集団ストーキングは加害者にとっての『狩猟』と化す。
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Gang Stalking
"Human Experimentation

Marshall Thomas

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[TRANSCRIPT by this blogger]

" The current counter insurgency war that is aimed against civilians, the dirty war, using classified military technology, utilizes trauma, "Trauma-Based Behaviour Modification" in order to neutralise the targets and to later manipulate and control them, their purposeful behaviour.

The type of the tacts that work in one culture and in one language group is not applicable necessarily to another one.

(Numerous ?) that  work against one type of personality necessarily that which will work against another type of personality.

In this manner, these techniques of torture and manipulation have been applied across personality types and across language groups in different nations all over the world.

The human body is attacked with the microwave weapons. In this trauma applied to the human body causes the heart to race, the breathing to become laboured and gasping, tremours, mustle-spasms, the sensation of vertigo, nausea, hot pulpitations, sleep disturbances, loss of concentration, loss of memory, panic in non-panic situations, burnt face even at night, letinal bleeding. The most common method of attack is to concentrate upon in the upper crest of chest and head. But these attacks target the entire human body constantly, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for months and years, on and in, without rest it.

Dr. Alan Fry discovered by microwaing the hypothalamus, it is possible to have a powerful manipulative effect on human emotions. 「アラン・フライ博士は、電磁波を視床下部に当てる事によって、人間の情緒に対して強力な操縦効果がある可能性がある事を発見した。」This in effect puts the individual victim in a state of fear and anger, instilling negative emotions that are used to control the individual and to interrupt their purposeful human thinking, disturbing their normal trains of thought, and in effect neutralising them.

These physical attacks on the victim's body are trauma that is in effect that is used to break them down psychologically in preparation for the actual behavioural manipulation part of the experiment.

The majpority of the targets that are chosen for this type of attack are people who have a history of political activism, or have been whisle-blowers who denounced publicly corporate or government corruption. There was a standard operationg procedures that's been codified; once the target has been identified, there is a silent period where data is gathered on the target. The victim is place under audio and video surveillance in their home and in their work-place. There is a psychological profile that is built up the details, every aspect of the personality, their contacts, their friends, their work history, their tendencies. In effect, a complete profile.

Government contractors move in near the target「契約者がターゲットのそばに引っ越して来る」 whether there is in the next door in their appartment building, or a house next door. Typically two such operatives will surround the subject; one directly next to where they live, and one potentially across the street from them, or the apartment above them. This establishment of the 90-degree-angle between the two operatives is an aspect of the technology that is used to attack them. 「この二人の工作員の(ターゲットを挟んで)90度に位置するやり方によって攻撃が与えられる。」

Standard operating procesure is to begin the attack slowly and gradually. And to turn up the heat on the target, such that they experienced rising stress level over the time.

Initially the emphasis is generally on the microwave attacks, but upon active Gang Stalking in the community. Organised Gang Stalking of the target is accomplished using community policing organizations that are told that they are "helping the police." Also other groups, such as perhaps "Church Groups" or "Criminal Organizatins" or "Gangs of young people."

These goups are lied to by their operative handlers. They may be paid, or they may be motivated by "Smear Campaigns." That are (symboled) during the periods of audio and video surveillance on the target.

Typically, these groups, such as the Church group, will be told the lies that they (are to best?). For instance, they may be told that the target is "a criminal","a rapist", "a murderer", "a drug addict", "a sexual deviant", or "an abortionist". The group is told whatever lie that motivate them the most. 「例えば、ターゲットが『犯罪者』、『強姦者』、『殺人犯』、『麻薬中毒者』、『性的異常者』、或いは、『中絶支持者』である等と言われる。 グループは、兎に角、最もその気にさせるのに一番効果のある内容の嘘が使われる。」

Some of the Criminal Organizations are paid small amounts of money, and given accerss to drugs.

There is a strong element of using different groups of people against each other.
Generally when a Hipanic target is picked out, Caucasians or other racial groups that are opposite from there, from that of victims are chosen initially at least to target the individual. A Caucasians may be targeted of many groups of Hispanics and Blacks.「 全般的に、もしターゲットがスペイン系の場合は白人か或いはその他の人種を対抗させ、少なくともそのあたりからターゲットとなる個人を選ぶところから始める傾向にある。 白人である場合は、スペイン系や黒人のターゲットとされる。(等)」 It is to instill in a victim a sense of victimization by another race and to stimulate feelings of hatred. 「これは、被害者に自分以外の人種に攻撃されているという意識を刷り込む事で憎悪を起させるためにする事である。」

This racial or religious aspect of this targeting is accomplished by using the microwave technology to instill powerful negative emotions. These emotions and these technologies are utilized to make the target go on a rant against the other race or against religion. The target may be prompted technologically to make angry statements about God, or to make angry statements about other racial groups in order to motivate these different groups into their Stalking Programme. 「各グループの人間にこのストーキング計画をやる気にさせる為に、ターゲットに対してテクノロジーを駆使し、(例えば)神や、他の人種(グループ)等、に対する怒りのこもった発言をするように仕向ける。」

These Organized Gang Stalking Groups have been psychologically deconstructed by government psychiatrists under Project "MK Ultra". In effect, the intelligence agencies understand human-beings better than human-being understands themselves.

Humans need three things basically: "Identity", "activity" and "security".

The individual gets "identity" because they are in a group of like-minded individuals whether a community policing organizations that are "helping the Police", or a "church group" whose rationale is religion, or a racial group whose rationale is to attack racist in their community.

Thus the individual identifies with the large objectives and submerges their own psychology within the group. This in effect gives them permission to commit Anti-Social Acts that as an individual, they will have trouble rationalizing otherwise.  結果的に、一人でやった場合であれば正当化出来そうも無い様な反社会的な行動もこの様にして許容されるようになる。

Human-beings also need "activity". The activity of working together in a group. And to Stalk another human-being is an activity that gives purpose. 「この、他の誰かを共にストーキングする活動は、その様なものたちに目的意識を与える事になる」They may earn small amounts of money in this Stalking Game, but in effect, this activity takes the place of Useful Work. This could be very helpful to those that are unemployed, those that are isolated in elderly, or people that for one reaon or another do not get a greater sense or their own worth in their own purpose in normal jobs or their normal life. By engaging in this activity, they are getting something that they need as human-beings.

The activity of Stalking another human-being tantamount to hunting-down also is, in effect, "a psychological high." 「この、誰かをストーキングするという活動は狩猟と化し、同時に、それ故に、心理的な高揚を経験する様になる。」It is like Stalking Wild Game(=aminal) only much more dangerous. 「それは、野生の大獲物を狩猟すると似てきてしまう、ただ、それより遥かに危険なだけだ。」

"Security" is something else that human-beings need. Many of these groups are paid to engage in these activities. They are given Gas money, and small retainers, for the hours in a days that they put in effectively harassing and stalking individuals. "


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