TRANSCRIPT:[YouTube]Gang Stalking as "Human Experimentation pt2"[Ammended]
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Gang Stalking
"Human Experimentation
pt 2"

Marshall Thomas

[Transcript by this blogger]
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"  In the 1950s, the United States Intelligence Agencies realized that it
was unnecessary to assassinate enemy agents who were working in the 
United States. They developed a standard operating procedure that in
effect neutralize the enemy agents in place. 

   A group of operatives was dedicated to following and harassing the
enemy agent by merely engaging in such activities as cutting people off
in traffic, physically bumping into them in public, saying inappropriate or
rude things, blowing smoke in their face, spitting directly in (front) of
them, cutting in front of them in line, or other harassment activities
such as tapping in their car in traffic, cutting them off in the parking
lots, stealing their parking spaces, sabotaging their possessions, breaking
into their homes and removing their personal papers, or re-arranging
their furniture. 
These by themselves are more or less every day experiences. . 

   However, when applied systematically 10 or 20 times a day, these
types of incidences artificially raised the stress level of the enemy
agent.  And after several weeks of this systematic and scientific
application of stress in public places as well as the psychological
warfare technique of breaking into someone's home, and in effect
(that) today have no safety and no security. 
Taken away these basic human-needs as a form of psychological
warfare over the space of merely 2-3 weeks, has a decided
psychological effect on the enemy agent.

    They begin to lose sleep and their work outputs suffers in over the
space of weeks, in effect their workout drops to zero.

    The enemy agent has been neutralized in place. This is the exact
methodology that has been applied to these political dissidents and
whistle-blowers, and other targets of opportunity in this weapons
development program for microwave non-lethal-weapons.

    The scientific application of psychological pressure has been developed
by Black psychiatry psychiatrists who were funded by the U.S.
Intelligence agencies, typically under the project of "MK Ultra".  

   The isolation of the target is a primary tactic as well as sleep
deprivation.  Isolation of a human-being, taking away the contacts
with their family and  friends is a primary step in breaking down and
controlling or manipulating a human behaviour.  Typically if someone
breaks in the house of a target and rearrange their furniture or if
they're stopped in public in this manner and the target tells friend,
co-workers, or even family, these contacts of the target will interpret 
these records as being irrational. 
This is the primary tactic of this type
of psychological warfare that is aimed at political activists and

   Once the target has become alienated from their family, friends
and co-workers, then the heavy targeting of their physical body and
focusing on mental thinking begin to be used in earnest. 
Then the target is ripe for behaviour modification. 
The special tayloring of psychological warfare programs for the
individual target is also an aspect of current day BISCUIT Teams.   

    These are groups of medical professionals; pschologists, actors,
as well as the intelligence agency interrogators who are asigned to an
individual suspect who has been held in isolation in a prison.

  This team uses the entire armorment of psychology in effect to
taylor-make a psychological warfare program aimed at the individual. 
This is exactly what is happening in tandem with the physical trauma
that is applied with microwave weapons aimed at political dissidents,
in the United States and other nations.   

    Sleep deprivation is the initial aspect of this type of microwave
weapons targetting. 

     The target will not be aware necessarily that they have been
chosen for an attack.   At first they may notice that they wake up at
essentially the same time every night and unable to go back to sleep. 
  When they're awake, they feel as if they had not gone to sleep at all. 
  They awake completely physically exhausted. 
And this state of exhaustion continues for weeks upon an end.
   Sleep deprivation is applied in scientific manner in the early stages
of targetting.

TRANSCRIPT:[YouTube]Gang Stalking as "Human Experimentation pt2"

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