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Gang Stalking
"Human Experimentation
pt 3"
Marshall Thomas

[Transcript by this blogger]
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"  As time goes on, the attacks have become more and more bold, and becomes
unmistakable to the target that they're being attacked by some sort of a
classified technology that is capable of delivering burns, shocks, stabs, a
mustle-spasms, or manipulations to different parts of the body at will, typically
attacking of the upper chest, their face, their head, their eyes, or any other part
of their anatomy. These attacks are sustained in vicious manner.

   At times it may seem as if they are toying with th target, and at other times
they seem to the victim as if they are attempting to kill them. These
technologies are capable of inducing heart-attacks, and severe physical trauma
at any time, concussions, 2nd and 3rd degree burns, and other serious injuries. 
  However, it is standard operating procedure to maintain plausible deniability and
in effect to deliver these attacks in a small, slow, sustained manner over time
that goes on for years.

The ultimate aim of these attacks is to neutralize and to manipiulate and change
the behaviour of the victim in order to learn how to modify human behaviour.
Many of these targets report something that is perhaps even more terrifying
than a organized gangstalking or the physical burns and shocks and stabs.

The type of technology that has been perfected was reported by Dr. Alan Fry in
1958. What he refered to as "Radio Frequency Sound" has since been termed
"Microwave Hearing". The common term at the Pentagon is "Synthetic
Telepathy". In effect when these microwave frequencies are shaped and pulsed
at a certain frequency at a certain power level in just the right manner, it is
possible to repricate human speech that bypasses the ears. The effect that was
discovered by Dr. Alan Fry in 1958, that he termed "Radio Frequency Sound" or
"the Fry Effect" has been written out in numerous publications by the military,
in scientific communities.
I will read you but 3 as an example:

1. In 1976,  the Defence Intelligence Agency Reports wrote that
" Anti-personnel applications of pulsed microwaves that carry sounds and possibly
even words which have been appearing (intracranuary?) "

2. The following quote is from an Airforce Publication entitled "New World

" It would also appear possible to create high fidelity speech in the human body
raising the possibility of "covert suggestion" and "psychological direction".
When a high power microwave pulse in the giga hertz range strikes the human
body, a very small temperature (-?travention) occurs. This is associated with a
sudden expansion of the slightly heated tissue. This expansion is fast enough to
produce in an accoustic way.
If a pulse streams are used, it should be possible to create an internal accoustic
field in a 5-15 Khz range which is audible. Thus it may be possible ( ) selected
adversaries in a fashion that would be most disturbing to them."

3. A third citation is in NEXUS Magazine in October 1994:
" Directed Energy Weapons currently been deployed include, for example, a
Microwave Weapons System manufactured by ( - Cassandras?) and used for a
process known as "Voice Synthesis" which is a remote beaming of audio
voice or audible sounds directly into the brain of any selected human target.
This process is also known within the government as "Synthetic Telepathy".
This psychotronic Weapon was demonstrated by Dr. Dave Morgan at the
November 1993 Non-Lethal Weapons Conference.

  The documentation is there, that these technologies and these weapons
systems exist.

The "Voice Synthesis" or "Synthetic Telepathy" as referred to by the
Pentagon, is used against the victim, the targeted Individual, in a
constant stream of negative verbal ( ) threats, and insults, that in effect
usurp the consciousness and the internal dialogue of the individual.
These targets, many of them, are attacked with a verbal audio stream
of death threats, of cursing, of insults.
This is an attempt to slowly break down the mind of the Targeted
Individual in preparation to modifying their behaviour.
This is a highly effective means of neutralizing the individual target.

This exact strategy was first used in the 1950's by Dr. Ewen
Cameron, an MKUltra project criminal, a psychiatrist who practiced
BLACK PSYCHIATRY, illegal use on human-(beings as) experimental

Dr. Ewen Cameron recorded () recording messages, and drugged his
patients with the LSD and immobilized them with electric shock.
And while they were in this traumatized state, Dr. Cameron played
these rude messages continuously 24 hours a day for weeks on end
that stretched into months.

This was a strategy that Dr. Cameron termed, "DEPATTERNING."

This is the exact type of strategy without modification that is
being used against these Targeted Individuals today.


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 『逆カルチャーショック/Reverse Culture Shock』(=正式名)に重ねられて始まった、
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