TRANSCRIPT:[YouTube]"Monarch:TROJAN HORSE" by Marshall Thomas
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Marshall Thomas

[Transcript by this blogger]
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" Operation Monarch is first and foremost an Infiltration and Counter Insurgency
Operation: their function as TROJAN HORSE OPERATION worldwide.

One example of a Trojan Horse operation in the 20s Century is Nazis Germany.

The Weimer Republic was destabilized by the Facists.

First, they established private militias: Para-Military organizations.
They were used as the springboard to infiltrate the German Military.

And from the German Military, this organization infiltrated the German Police
Once the German Police Forces have been infiltrated effectively, there was no

A World War II and the fate of the Europe was sealed.

Hitler (Weit--?) Reichstag, the German Parliament, and then used this as an
excuse. He blamed it on foreigners.

And ( ) about the work of a "Kight of A Long Knives."(?)
The "Knight of A Long Knives" refers to the assassiation of approximately
1,000 people within Germany whom Hitler felt could stop him from his grasp of a
total and complete power.

Once these 1,000 individuals were assassinated in an orgie of violence,
then Hitler was assured that no one can stand in his way, and the final
solution could take place.

The Counter-Insurgency under Monarch is aimed at political dissidents,
whistle-blowers and potential enemies within the United States of America and
within other nations.

In other words, this part of the Counter Insurgency with non-lethal Microwave
Weapons and ELF= Extremely Low Frequency technology functions like a very
slow and methodical "Knight of a Long Knives."

People within society who are free thinkers, activists and in general people who
will stand up and object, people who will lead others are effectively isolated,
targeted, neutralized, and slowly murdered over time.

Instead of using para-militaries, Operation Monarch uses Cults, Neo-Nazis
Organizations, criminal organizations, and other close systems, systems
that are separate in a part from the larger society.

These Cults, criminal organizations, and other close systems that are being
used for political infiltration are also used as private armies to harass the
targets within communities.

Once these speed-of-light weapons, Microwave, non-lethal weapons
technology is able to slowly cull the human herd, and in effect sanitize a
society, a giant, slow, "Knight of a Long Knives" then, and only then,
will larger operations take place.

They seek to destabilize Democracy in many nations and perhaps to
establish a One-World dictatorship.

(Riding) if you will, a cocktail of this revolutionary military affairs, the
speed-of-light weapons then defeat all other known technologies.
Planes, tanks, missiles(?) are now obsolete in a face of pulse microwave
weapons and Extremely Low Frequency technologies that attack the
human central nervous system.

Operation Monarch is the ultimate Trojan Horse. "


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