EXERPTS from "BRAINWASHING" Ch.9 "National Neuroses" by E.HUNTER
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The Story of Men Who Defied It
Edward Hunter

Pyramid Books,
New York. Farrar,
Straus and Cudahy

published May 1956
Fifth Printing, February 1968.



Dr. Neon Freedom


The Reds were using the highly specialized knowledge of medical science
 to take balanced minds and to make them unbalanced. This approach,
and this alone, was their contribution to modern thought.

Every psychiatrist is familiar with the attitudes and stresses that have settled into
a person's system until he becomes a medical or a mental case. Dr. Freedom's
research confirmed that the communists created such unhealthy
conditions in order to project the resultant hate and desire for retaliation
in the direction decided by the Red planners.
This was the exact opposite of
the efforts of medical science in the Free World, which were directed toward
discovering the source of a patient's mental disorder. The psychiatrist tries to trace
this by the path it came. He may find that it stemmed from resentment, and that
this emanated from a feeling of inadequacy and inferiority, or of anxiety and
insecurity. In this manner, the psychiatrist uncovers the unsatisfied need that has
made a man sick. Brainwashes do exactly the same, only in reverse order,
setting up destructive responses so as to upset a person's mind for the
purpose of exploiting him for political reasons.

"The methods devised by the Free World to combat illness are used by
the communists to create it,"
Dr. Freedom repeated. "That is why brainwashing
can only be properly understood and dealt with as man-made illness."

"The Reds themselves have thought up nothing in brainwashing, or in any other
phase of psychiatry, Dr.Freedom emphasized. "All that they have done is to take
what free science has developed and use it in a manner that would ordinarily be
considered mad," he said. "There isn't anything original about what they are doing,
only in a way they are doing it. Their single innovation has been to use what
they copy in a diabolical order. Their objective is solely to make minds sick,
not healthy, to create frustrations and to fan them into hates, so they
can be projected against their own sujects and the Free World."


....When as individual was strong in his feeling of guiltlessness and did not feel
shame, the communist brainwashers methodically set out in their ruthlessly
practical manner to create the guilt sense and shame, using any available means
to do so."
The Red p.o.w. camps were simply large clinical laboratories in which the
prisoners were dealt with as patients and as mental cases. Whole populations
are also treated in this way, which is why the Reds need their bamboo-iron
... All autocratic and dictatorial societies are based on fear. They are all
controlled societies. These reach their peak in the totalitarian regime.

The psychiatrist recognizes the natural recourse of people to God in time of
emergency. The Red indoctrinator strives simply to get onto that road and
replace God with the Party. The psychiatrist seeks to expose and
eliminate repressed emotions, to release a weight such as an
inferiority or persecution complex. The Reds endeavour simply to
divert all this to their own use. Istead of curing the complex, they
create it if it isn't there already, so the natural search for an outlet
can be diverted from normal channels to trust in themselves.
is why the world has witnessed an organization that started out as a political
movement degenerate into a fanatical faith. This was inescapable once the
total approach was determined upon.

National Neuroses

The only possible conclusion is that a long-range program is being pursued
which, if left unhindered over a long period, will make whole populations
just as neurotic as a single individual.
The identical process of brainwashing, as imposed on civilian or
military prisoners, is being applied to the inabitants of whole villages,
towns, and cities
, by "group discussion" and "learning" meetings, frequent
demonstrations, parades, and an endless chain of so-called patriotic
campaigns. Group leaders, corresponding to "block captains" for
neighborhood festivities in the West, make sure that everyone
participates, until each area is molded into the desired form.
Individual treatment is reserved mainly for "backward elements"
who lag behind in their "conversion

The Chinese as a race are undergoing mind treatment inside a Great Pavlovian
Wall. In the new collective approach, that which medical science
recognizes as causing neurosis in an individual is being applied on a
nation-wide scale.
It is imposed in a subtle way on the people of China
specifically, and on the inhabitants of every communist country. They are
undergoing what the disiples of Pavlov callously term "mental hygene." The
proocess is a parody of "group therapy," the treatment of patients in a group
instead of individually. This developed out of World War II, along with putting
patients back on their feet within a few days after an operation, at first
because time was pressing and doctors were scarce and later because this
was found more healing. ... ... ... If it could be utilized to repair minds
on a wide scale, the Reds saw that it could also serve to break them.

A saturation treatment is being given to communist society. The routine of
each day and night is so arranged that the peope simply cannot escape from
the sight and sound of communist propaganda pressures. The spoken and the
written word are injected into every conceivable phase of working and leisure
time. Writing are prescriptions, not stories. Entertainment is sugar-coating for
mind pills.


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 『逆カルチャーショック/Reverse Culture Shock』(=正式名)に重ねられて始まった、
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