An EXCERPT "The Use Of Guilt, Shame, Ridicule And Anger" by C.Wheeler & F.Springmeier
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An Excerpt
“The Illuminati Formula
Used to Create
An Undetectable Mind Control Slave”

The 10th Science
-Using Spiritual Things To Control A Person-

Part B
The Monarch Programming
A Miniaturization Of What Was Being Done
To Entire Peoples Or Cities

Part E: The Use Of Guilt, Shame, Ridicule And Anger

The Chinese and police agencies have been especially good at developing
methods to solicit confessions. This is done by a variety of punishment and
reward strategies, and the Mutt & Jeff routine. Confessions and
self-criticism have been used by religious groups, esp. the Jesuits as a
method to convert persons to and then perpetuate a belief. One of the
things that the deeper alters will not be taught about is forgiveness.
Because forgiveness of oneself and others is such an important spiritual
dynamic, to not know about forgiveness cripples many deeper alters from
healing from the deeper spiritual wounds they have received. Forgiveness
is an act of the will. Forgiveness of oneself is usually a major issue with
 deeper alters who generally don’t know how to do this.   However, the
handlers and abusers will be sure to heap lots of guilt―whether deserved
or not onto the poor mind-controlled victim.  It is natural for a person to
focus on himself – after all, if a person doesn’t think for himself, who will?

Often a person accepts their strengths, but focuses on their weaknesses
hoping that weakness will somehow be reduced by the focus that is
placed upon it.  The programmers know how to take advantage of that.
They set impossible standards of perfection, and then demean the victim
because they have failed to live up to the impossible standard of

Black and white thinking develops in the slave’s mind. The programmers
will not allow the victim to display natural feelings of anger, sadness or
doubt. To do so means that one is a failure and weak. Of course they
are natural feelings, so the slave has to do a great deal of repression and
self-incrimination for having these natural feelings. The slave learns to
turn his or her anger inward. Many of the male slaves end up committing
suicide. They beat themselves up with subconscious & conscious guilt.
Anything and everything wrong or bad in the slave’s life is blamed
upon him.

…(omit parts)… If a person is hypnotized to have guilt about something
 that they didn’t commit, then they can be gotten to believe that they did it.
(omit one paragraph) 

 ... Nothing the slave does is good enough or worthy of praise.   
 ... The Master just keep control, and set the standard higher if the slave
gets close to reaching perfection.  The Master must insure that the slave
feels guilty and dirty.  Many of the slaves endure a guilt that is common
among soldiers and concentration campsurvivors - the guilt of having
survived when others died.  "Why did I live and they die?  I was no better
than them?"

Any desire on the part of deeper alters to want something for themselves
is painted as “selfishness”.They will be internally and externally
punished for any pleasure. …
(omit one paragraph)

(omit one paragraph)
In review, Anger toward God, anger toward the outside world, and anger
toward themselves are all built into a System. Where was God? Where
was the outside world, where all these things were happening? Many,
if not all, of the victims of Monarch turn their anger on themselves,
which is the only safe place to vent it. Most of the deeper alters of a
Monarch system will are very low self-esteem and will have lots of guilt
and anger toward themselves. The slave is victimized so much, that
when their handlers give them the chance to victimize someone else,
some victims find release in assaulting others. Of course the entire
process of transference further entraps the victim, and provides more
guilt and more debilitating spiritual dynamics. …..

The self-image of most alters in a System is extremely low.
The anger that alters have become a tool of the handlers to insure that
the slave never think highly of themselves to do anything about the c
ontrol over them.


(omit one paragraph)


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