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on 21st, March, 2011
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Regarding the Gift of Giving:

Giving is by Cheerfulness, and as a Christian, my understanding and my deeds according to my understanding of the Stewardship of it is, that I give in the following order of priority:...

1, Tithing=Freewill Offering From the Firstfruit
that is Before one ever use any part of it for other thing than
to The Work of the LORD;

2, Freewill offering to my own family/relatives/friends especially when one had already made a promise to offer (includes even a slightest suggestion), but basically according to our Love as a Love Offerings to them, LORD approving;

3, A Freewill offering to a Righteous Cause towards Organized ActivitiesNEVER TOWARDS AN INDIVIDUAL! let alone to somebody I have NEVER MET or KNOWN at all! (which idiot is it to give money to somebody I never met= to a complete stranger?!?).

I have been willing to SUPPORT ACTIVITIES (and NEVER AN INDIVIDUAL!)(wakeup!) & ONLY WHEN the activity's cause was and its truthfulness regarding the actual endeavour and with the appropriate results met the givers' personal criteria, I would be keen to encourage such noble activities and help in a way I can, and would love to support the ACTIVITY(not an individual, but an activity!)(wakeup! which idiot is it "to give money" to somebody you don't know???).

I also think the Bible is teaching that we the ones who are to be disciples of Jesus are to be compassionate towards those who are suffering, and the financial depravity is a devastating thing that can even chip off one's dignity rather directly (miserable, isn’t it?!), which means it is a suffering of a kind that exceeds material deprivity, but also is mental than one might guess. Giving a little help for genuinely in need is a heart of our LORD Jesus. He also teaches us to be a cheerful giver, so we are not "to worry to much" about how it is going to be used. Our duty is to actually give out of loving compassionate heart of Jesus. ("Giving" by its nature is not just "thing&money"; it is in fact a giving of a part of "oneself"-that's why thanksgiving is apt.)
If the attitude and the use of the finance were "evil" behind us, it is NOT our problem, but the consequence of such evil will be given by the REAL SOURCE of the money, which is GOD HIMSELF. Our duty is to actually be faithful and compassionate to those in need.
And if we act accordingly, and if GOD is pleased with it, HE may (in fact He promised to) bless us, not just financially, but bountifully with His many blessings. I hear a lot of Testimonies, as well as my own, that He is FAITHFUL and He gives us bountifully, IF we give out of loving intention though.

We are Stewards and GOD sees whether each of us is a good steward or bad; if good, He will entrust us with more. That probably is the reason why when one person is given much (or "stole" it) but it disappeared within a minute like a vapour, and is always wanting and unhappy (usually an unrighteous gain vapours quicker), it is a typical picture of a bad stewarding, may be. Or not giving their firstfruit...?

I can't say categorically; our sufferings have so many reasons, and mostly the reason is hidden to others. Anyhow, as for the Stewarding and Giving Cheerfully (that means not by demand or with worry&suspicion), GOD loves it when we do it.

The only "income" one should expect are legitimate ones BTW: "Labour Wages" and "Inheritance", and perhaps "the ones with own friends&family thing, things WE ALL know"! [ADDED on 31st/March/2011⇒]AND "Interests."

I myself have ever got NO OTHER "Income" than THE ONES as above; so do the same to others!
I don't expect anything other than these, and let alone (or even never heard of it!) from a complete stranger!!!

All that I "have Given" in the past are found as above as well.
If someone misunderstood in the past and took it as something "personal" and not "towards their worthy activity", then it is their "misunderstanding", and if that was the case, I must state clearly now that I have never given TO AN INDIVIDUAL “I don't really know.
I HAVE actually given some BUT TOWARDS CHURCH OR CHARITY, BUT NEVER TO A PERSON! (I'm not those stupid, thanks!) I give to an activity I want to support.

My Question is this!
Which Idiot is it to send money to an individual whom one doesn't know? For what cause? What good?
I definitely think it's OFF THE WALL...
I think it is even WRONG. It is NOT GOOD.

I think one should expect such help firstly from
1, Family;
2, Relatives;
3, Friends;
4, Governmental Body;
5, Charity Organizations.

And if it still won't solve, do take an appropriate action to let an authority to know that you are in trouble "DESPITE your LAWFUL lifestyle, and let those LEGITIMATE helpers help them survive BEFORE expecting an unknown individual to ever think of sending a pocket money(I don't think there’s any who will do it however)...


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