集スト加害は計画的NOT AN IMPULSE [slightly revised]
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[slightly revised]

   The devil has been around since the beginning of the creation of mankind (he was created even before that!), and ever since the fall of man by him, evil has been with men, but the technological advance, the transformation of the society and the change of the world at large like this now made those evil entities able to do differently than the previous ages did. (In other words, "the torture method&tactics have changed.)

   Now those evil-possessed men(=NOT a gender related expression, but "species"!) can have access to the ways to mobilise the web of human contacts all over somehow to make a number of people surrounding "the targeted individual" to say or do that can harm, hurt, ruin, threat, agonise, and/or create any level of nuisance for a revenge, -a revenge conveniently still, that the reason for the offence not determined, which means the perp doesn't have to have a legitimate, appropriate reason for his/her revenge at all; and the perp wouldn't have to reveal their identity... although I understand that there is a slight advantage in leaving a trace of identification and an aspect of cruelty by doing so, which is by faintly leaving a trace of identification like a marking, to let the victim to be able to guess who&why, without which most of the purpose of the social torture won't somehow finish the work, simply saying that is, to send the target-victim "a message(that the perp "didn't like this or that" about what the target has just done/said/the way they are etc.)";
   And even if the message was to be completely unreasonable, psychopathic, immature, and unacceptable, this anonymous attack on their target via innocent(?) surroundings of them serves the purpose of hurting(i.e. "punishing" for doing what the perp didn't want. for example), and if the victim could identify the perp and the possible "cause", the perp might be able to stop the target from doing the thing which the perp didn't like! In other words, if the victim didn't get "the message of the particular perp, therefore couldn't direct the target-victim to the way perp wants, why else do they torture? Or harass and vex at all? ...save the sheer sadistic aspects of it, needless to say though....

   But if the cause be reasonable, legitimate, mature, they didn't have to take such extensive manipulations of the social structure, perhaps even by paying for it(they at least have to pay their own souls to the devil, and it cost their eternity!)? Why take the pain? Think about it, if you didn't like something someone did, you just ask him/her at least to find out the "why" of the action, whether you could change him/her or not.  If he/she understands why you asked not to, it's solved; even if not, you can at least find out why he/she did it, which gives far better "peace of mind" than never could hear their reason why they did it. So, the answer to the organized nuisance is, drawn from this naturally; the perp has no legitimate reason for their nuisance. They're pursuing for unacceptable causes. They at least "know" it at the bottom of their heart; otherwise they would take more open method to push their way through "as long as they were sure their cause will see the result." It does not matter whether they are found to be wrong afterwards. The social organised harassment is for the perps who "know their reason to want to harm the target is not going to be legitimate, and they should know so prior to the committing of it. It should be a premeditated crime; ordering such an organised attacks via third-party people surrounding the target needs to be a premeditated attack.

   What I am trying to point is that often when the social harassment escalates, we the targets usually know the reason for it in many cases,.... And by it, we can sometimes guess "who" did order it as well.... Then, the perp is almost "confessing" that "they" are the perp... who is able to mobilize the people surrounding the target-victim!

 And in my case this time, those rotten perp is NOT a large orgs at all, they are a small bunch of rotten people made up of a handful or two people abroad, who can move even my neighbours...or they are mobilizing the North...mnmnmn!... mobilizing fkoreigners around this area perhaps...  ?  fkoreign dowkaters(

   I don't understand why the Japanese natives have to obey an order from foreign MENHELA though...




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