[TRANSCRIPTS]"Targeted Individuals (T.I.s)(#32)"by Marshall Thomas
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Targeted Individuals (T.I.s) (#32)
by Marshall Thomas


  The MKUltra program left a lab and hit the streets in a big way in early 1980s, and again in 2001, immediately after the 9/11 attacks, many more people were added to the target lists, which now numbers into thousands. The Target is faced with the full coverage system that was developed by the Defence Advanced Research Projects Adminstration. Their ability to follow the Target Individual and monitor them everywhere they go, using cell-phone, car-based tracking systems, or in some cases implants, such as the Verichip, or by other means.

  The use of different groups to follow and harass targets numbers in a hundreds and thousands of people. The different groups who do the active physical organized Group Stalking are generally coarced into groups, for instance, Anti Abortionist Groups are motivated, lied to, by telling them that Target is an Abortion Rights Activists or Proponent; or local Community Crime Watch Organizations are told that the Target is a known criminal; Ethnic Organizations are told that the Target is a committed racist; Neo-Nazis Groups are told that the Target Individual is a Race (Trader?).

   Insuring many different groups is being used. Some of whom are diametrically opposed to each other, are brought into the Program. The Intelligence Community has brought together many unlikely bed-fellows into an Umbrella Program. They can reach into any community in America, for the purpose of active harassment. The idea that the government can infiltrate Neo-Nazis as well as Anti Abortion Groups many seem fantastic, but a careful reading of a history of a Neo-Nazis Groups will reveal that most of the leaders were either government agents from the beginning of their careers, or later recruited by paying them after years of reckless () interests from the general public.

  These groups are approached by men who claim to be Police Officials, or men claiming to have a role (impasse?) an Intelligence Community, but actually these men are men the group has little or no real knowledge about. The idea that normal citizens that compose these very different groups such as Police Watch Groups, Church Groups, Gay & Lesbian Groups, might actively follow, harass, and assist in a torture and occasional murder of Targeted Individuals that are total strangers might seem fantastic, but the Milgram Experiment has proved otherwise.
Briefly, Dr. Stanley Milgram set up an experiment with a target was an actor, and the Test Subject was The Torturer, and an authority figure, essentially a man in the lab-coat, told the subject to push a button to deliver an electric shock to a man who was an actor unbeknownst to the Test subject, sitting in another room, and view through one-way glass. The majority of psychologists believed that only sociopathic personalities, making up 1-2% of the general population, would willingly injure or kill on command of an authority figure. Nearly 70% of people off the street were willing to deliver a lethal or near-letal electro-shock to a complete stranger on command from an authority figure. The psychology professionals were all shocked themselves at the results, and the Intelligence Community also took note. The program often employs individuals to torture targets who have been recruited from prisons, including Child Molesters, and murderers with no ties to the Intelligence Community, and are totally deniable.

  Targets are often filmed in their homes using technology that can be bought in any Spy Store, or higher end devices that record and video tape their very private lives. The Target can be detected in a most unflattering manner, and provoked by attacks to behave in irrational ways, and these behaviours are shared with (socking?) groups in order to motivate them in their harassment activities.

  This is accomplished by using in active physical torture of microwave weapons, or the behavioural manipulation detailed in the NAS General Akino’s “Mind War Paper.” The Stalking Groups themselves are part of the experimental program to see how to motivate large groups of people to engage in Anti-Social Behaviours that can be directed against Targeted Individuals. The Targets themselves come from many different backgrounds: Government Whistle Blowers; Political Activists; Family members of people in a Military or the Intelligence Community; Scientists with important technology that is coveted by high level perpetrators; victims of Satanic Ritual Abuse, and even people sold into program by a Jealous spouse or a business partner in a very new type of “Murder Incorporated.”

  The typical Target is tortured in their home and their place of work, as well as harassed in public. They have their homes entered, and their personal possessions vandalized; their mails stolen, insured a type of torture chamber that is outside the Labs and into a community. Practiced in a manner that in after decades, has reached to an art form, that is, totally deniable, but neutralizes all the Targets’ efforts to fight back or get help.

  Their mortality or death of targets is very low; only 1-2% a year of those targeted people dies, most of these deaths are suicides. The Triad of active Gang Stalking, physical torture, with microwave weapons an emotional and behavioural manipulation make lives of Targeted Individuals a fate worse than death. 

  It is a Testament to the Strength of the human spirit that any of these people survive more than a few months. Most have been targets for years. Their ages and backgrounds are varied, but all have endured the unimaginable. The multiple purposes this experiment embodies poise towards a terrible future for the collective humanity that can only be described as “Controlled” and “Hellish.”

“Targeted Individuals (T.I.s) (#31)”:


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