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The System

   Many people grow up in society never realising that the world is not really controlled by just governments but it’s also controlled by a system.
 Some people might consider this system similar to another government that operates outside of the mainstream government.
 The system is more structured and less democratic than many of us realise, or are willing to believe.

 The system that really exists and that controls society is really made up of the powerful and elite, Corporations and Governments.
 The powerful elite, do not care who is in government, because they will always have the primary say with how things go, and what the final outcome is.
 The same has become true for corporations, and powerful interests.
 Then there is the will of the government, the body that appears to be elected by the people, but who is there to really serve the will of these powerful interests.
 To keep the system in place and running smoothly, there are appendages that are set in place to teach the population how to act, think, behave, and yes how to conform to the system.
 The system wants people to come up thinking that they are completely free and can act, think, and feel however they choose to.
 This is true to an extent, as long as your interest do not run too contrary to what the system has in mind.
 Once your interest start to run contrary, or you do something to step out of what the system considers acceptable boundaries, that is when you enter the Targeted Individual zone.

  This is the first appendage that the system has in place.
 School is suppose to be there to educate you, to let you know how wonderful your life is in this democratic country.
 How lucky you are to have democracy, freedom, the right to free speech, free thought, and the right to act.
 Some of this is true, but in reality, you have these rights as long as your actions do not run too contrary to what the system wants and desires, again once this happens it’s another ball game.
 Today the hyper-active child is sought out and put on medication to keep them in line.
 What was normal childhood behavior 50 years ago, is now medicated away.
 If parents refuse, their children can be forcefully drugged against a parents will.
 Thisis just one way a parent could find themselves an enemy of the state if they resist this.
  What happens now even before children get to school, and will be happening more frequently is that families will be receiving visits from the health nurse.
 This person will come into your home and make sure that you are doing everything from the start to raise your children up in a way that is agreeable to the state.
 This in another time period might have been seen as somewhat envasive, but in countries such as the UK, this will become the norm over the next few years.
 Once children are in school, their education of conformity and control continues.
 Years before they ever enter school, their conditioning will have begun with the media and the television.
 Once in school they are taught to be susceptible to peer pressure.
 They are taught to obey authority figures.
 They are taught in subtle ways to not question the system.
 They are taught how to act inways that will make them be good andacceptable citizens as they growolder.  The once that fit into the system the most, advance the quickest.

 The ones that do not, will often have many obstacles to face.

 In one major Canadian city it was noted that 50% of ethnic minority males often dropped out, or were pushed out of schools before the ageof 16.
 Due to the new zero tolerance programs that had been implemented.
 When reviewed it was discovered that those programs were targeting these ethnic minority students.
 The zero tolerance program is being revamped, but not before it was able to provide a generation of young ethnic males whohad no education, very few choices,and were very much at the mercy of thestate, and their desire to create a generation of civilian spies who are loyal to the state.


   Often by the time school the media and any religious affiliations are finished with us, we go off to look for a job.
 We go to these institutions never questioning why things should be this way.
 Work is just another branch of control and conformity.
 Those who can pretend to get along well, or who fit into the structure the most advance. 

 Others who do not, or who question the system in some way, will be bullied, mobbed, out of the system.


   Religion is primarily another system of control and conformity.
 Most individuals are aware to a degree of how structured religion can be.
 They should be aware that people can and have been socially annexed. 
 Religious views, values and beliefs are deeply regulated. 

 In society we often think that we have made great strides when it comes to separating church from the state, but the control and conformity the church loses, the state picks up the slack.

The Media
   They call it television programing fora reason.
 Everything we see, hear, absorb from the media again teaches us how to conform, what we should strive for, how we should look, think, act, feel.
 It’s again another way we are controlled and socialized.
 Most of us are plugged into the mediain one form or another from the time we are born, until we die.
 We trust it, and it often helps to tell us what our views values and beliefs should be.
 Most people do not realise the impact this has on them, but it has a great impact on molding what people think, believe, and even how they act.

 When subtle social conformity fails what happens next?
 That is what we are seeing now.
 When these forms of subtle social conformity are not enough to do the job, then other forms of control are put into place.

Targeted Individuals
   When these more conventional methods of control and conformity fail, then individuals can become targeted by the system in several ways:

Socially annexed
Contelpro Programs
Gang Stalking
The Buzzsaw

Covert War

   There are many ways that individuals can be made to be brought in line, from the simple, subtle methods of peer pressure, to the more extreme.
 Many Targeted Individuals found that something about them, and their personality profiles made them fall into this category.
 From experience many of the Targeted Individuals that I have come across have a lot of the same characteristics.
 They would fit very nicely into the reasons people are targeted for bullying.

  -The girl at work who is sexually harassed, and decides to take the corporation to court, and will not stop fighting the system, could easily become a Targeted Individual. 

  -The student who is mobbed or bulled out of school that decides to take the facility to task, might also become a future Targeted Individual.

  -The parent that goes up against the school board, or who refuses to give their child the latest newly approved STD vaccine, might have problems if they refuse to comply.

  -The journalist who goes after the story that the state would rather see killed. 
Such as Journalist who go after 911 truth, and other such stories. 
They will find themselves at the mercy of the buzzsaw.

  -The Activists and Dissidents who are too outspoken, such as Judi Bari.
They might find themselves targets ofCointelpro, or other such programs.

  -The whistle-blower, who told on the big bad corporation, might also find themselves targeted by the state.

  -The church member that has decided that they do not wish to be part of that new church that they had just joined, might find themselves being stalked and harassed in the same way.

  -The unknowing person, who just happens to upset that powerful person who is apart of a powerful brotherhood, who has connections. 

  -They might also find that their lives and future career goals and ambitions, are subtly stripped away.

  -The wife who tries to leave her abusive ex-spouse, who just also happens to have the right connections.

  -Many spouses of police officers, have reported similar types of stalking and Targeted Individual types of harassment.

  -The average guy who stands up for that other average guy who is being bullied. 

  -If you accidentally step into the wrong situation, and thaw the efforts of some of these people, you could find yourself the next target of their harassment.

    The examples above are just a small sampling of how someone might become a Targeted Individual.
 Once you fall into this category, your harassment might range from subtle harassment, to outright gang stalking, and electronicharassment. Society is not what mostpeople think it is. What we see, theworld around is an illusion in many ways, the sooner we come to that realisation the better off we are.
   Once targeted by the system, many of us are unable to find help or assistance and will face a lifetime of harassment.
 To date the best thing that we can do for ourselves, if exposing what is happening.
 Most of society takes part in these sorts of harassment in some way shape or form and so it is very imperative that we be cognizant of the bigger picture, and realise that we are up against a system of control and conformity.


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