A Scar in an Oyster(copied from past log)
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My Journal

upon reading
"The Rumour"(p138)
and also relating to
"Matthew 13:45-46" & "Mark 14:3-9".

by Blog Host:"R.S."
on 13th, April, 2010.

The text says:
" ... Nobody, he writes, is invulnerable to the power of the rumour and all the "juicy" stories. For they "are not made merely by incidents, nor by the false and careless words; nor by Axis agents; they are a part of the stuff which is inside those who listen to them"... "
("The Rumour, p138")

   However, the problem that needs be solved is NOT so much about understanding of the mechanisms and the universality of this "rumour mills", neither is it about its psychological analysis: The quest is "why we" became the targets(subjects) of such apparently calculated "rumour campaigns" and "why" the targets' lives were so thoughtlessly and so thoroughly ruined that way, and "whether" the lost times and all the rest of the precious things that were removed from us ever are going to be in some way redeemed in as tangibly as the rumours took place was reality. We were chosen as the recipients of this heartless and senseless "rumour-mills", but we are the same humans and we exist in reality with a whole same set of human dignity as anybody else has.

   Most of the victims' lives are so fundamentally ruined that even if the lies about us in the form of rumours are cleanly removed and were to be amended by the truths of our real lives, the time lost will never come back to us; but even more tragic is the fact that it has made a penetrating scars in our psyche.

   It, I am certain, is redemptive, and the scars to our hearts are not necessarily ugly ones, which are no less valuable than the scar that is made inside an Oyster shell, or an alien object that reached inside of it, it is the rumour itself which was spread about us is an alien to us, and it at least has a capacity to form the ether pearl in the innermost recesses of the souls of the victims. This I am certain. (But I will not let the person who did not go through this process thus not having the pearl inside to agree with with me that easily and vainly.)

   What about the negative side to this ruin that still remains with needs to be redeemed? It, in addition to the lost time, is the change in our perception of life in general. This is not necessarily a deformation: We all change after every turn of our lives and will never be able to go back the same again, either in good or bad. We can make this scar likely; whether to the good or to the bad.

   The change that was made in the victims' souls after this massive and calculated rumour campaign is by a kind of new insight to the world in general, and it had our eyes opened to the utter vanity of the temporal limelight in a span of one life story. We cherish some aspects of it as much as we lost it as we received the totally opposite thing so abruptly. Still the realization, or the eye-opening shift, of our souls to see through life's incidents as temporal and vain as these really are, enabled us to begin to seek different things in the remaining life. "They" might still provoke us to lapse into running for the same limelight of the stage of, say, the "vanity fairs", but we seem to have been established in more real and lasting value system "than before" so thoroughly that no provocation by the Prince of this World might inflame my soul to that kind of aspirations any more again.

   This, too, is one of the most typically misunderstood trait, because most people have never had to go through this transformation in their lives. This means that we find few to support or explain on our behalf why this could ever be true to a person to see things this way at all. But it is true, that after the refining, our souls can go to the sightings that made us witness the vanity fairs as they really are, and the far more precious than a pearl is found in other places where few people are looking for. Then we sell all what we ever had to buy this pearl. i.e. We sell of the temporal vanity fairs of this world, (and the friendship to "the prince",) which everyone else usually is after, all that once gripped our hearts just as anybody else, were nothing compared to the weight and the worthiness of the pearl that we have found farther away through the temporal. In this way, we rejoice even in our affliction.

   It is when we became able to voluntarily break our costly Alabaster box, to offer the whole contents in it to the Eternal value that cannot be compared to anything "created." He, the true Prince, our LORD Jesus Christ, broke Himself for me there, to save me from the whole lot of worldly junks.

p/s: I find "English" as a language is capable of dealing with things with much higher intricacy...


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