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"What Is TI Gang Stalking Part 2"



"…Gang Stalking appears to be a cultural and social sickness.
In many ways Targeted Individual is modern Sharman naturally processing many of the darker shadows of the human collective unconscious.
Another perspectives of the Gang Stalking appears to manifest from a systemic force.
That is related to status, maintain the Status Quo, [(Mal-? force)] of the general law.
There is also the law of exception and balancing forces which allow () to (multiple-)new /?(slash) of unknow into a relatively static system, and to allow a small number yet many individuals free out of the static system to see a larger perspective of the world and forces acting upon it. [(Seeing ?-)] series of more on the perspectives.
And still others believe that boils up to the Secret Societies and the Wealthy Elites and the government they control and the Global System of covert operation complete with various layers of Indoctrination Tactics and a life-long programming attempts through the Media, shools and State-sponsored programs like City-Corps.
I believe the latter is an affect of the former.
There are systematic influence and conditions that cause many phenomena geared to keep an individual in line.
What kind of person participates in Organized Stalking? All factions of the main stream society cae become involved in the Gang Stalking:

Everyone from children to senior citizens can be recruited to participate hn SPYING, HARASSMENT & PORTURE of a Targeted Individual.
Governments have been using the citizens and Spy groups in varinus forms shnce the Roman Empire.
From my own experiences and research, I believe that smaller groups of THRILL SEEKERS have adopted the tactics of CoIntelPro, the Red-Squad, and similar Interrogation and Terrorism Programs throughout the history, and is used to torment the Target.
Sometimes it is [(streamed)] down to more direct interference from well established networks, and many times the THRILL SEEKERS copycat various streaks of past criminals, crimes agencies and operations, or well developed (anti- ) organizations like Citizens Corps, TIPS(?) Citizens Info
rmants Control.
These groups present funds () keeping America safe etc. are always inplying (slash?) suggesting interference that we need to keep an eye on the bad guys.
Such groups patrol neighboughhoods, airways and usually go surveillance for gathering information, spying and terroriying those unfortunate individuals who have made them into the blacklists.
There really is no distinctive age groups or subculture that Gang Stalking participants are limited to.
I have experienced a stalking behaviour from children as young as (-cut-) to way up to little old ladies.

Some people end up participating by being recruited into one of the organizations like Citizens Corps because agent (is) willing to help the community.
Such people might think they are volunteering to help [KEEO?] the community safe, () prepared for the natural disasters, but end up getting sucked into monitoring the lives of innocent people who have been deemed dangerous as handed down by the hidden leaders to the organizers of those programs.
Many citizens neglect to utiliye the critical thinking to realize that what they are being told about the people could possibly be UNTRUE, or they are scared not to comply with these seemingly powerful leader types.
Oftentimes these handlers are authorized by a charismatic man who first appeared to a group of target associates pretending to be someone very high up in terms of power and influence, BUT WHEN IN REALITY ARE BUT A SMALLER FISH higher up to ravage their surveillance information.

As a target of a Gang Stalking, I have seen (who're)held respective degrees of persnal responsibility, or like() to play on those who are affected by mob mentality, particularly those who have flawed relf-esteem, and those underdeveloped ability to think for themselves but in need to fit into social group, or need power over the others, are prime candidates to (peak) into the world of Gang Stalking, either as malicious and willing participants through secrets, or else someone less willing (persons). In most causes of Organized Stalking, it appeares that weakness of character or maliciousness contribute to the decision of the person to willfully participate in harming of another. In many cases it is to sick thoughts seeking that fuels the desire to participate.

In every case there is lack of personal responsibility. Many times this is caused by fear. Fear is a very common motive for many people to participate in Gang Stalking.
Many of these report that these harassment against them did not start until they were approached and refused to participate in harrassing or terrorising someone else . A very brief history of the Gang Stalking, indoctrination and oppression of the Mass moved into the covert operation during the Twentieth century as civil and inalienable rights moved into the foremost of human consciousness, the power that've been in need to hold continues to control of the masses by any means necessary has switched into the experiments involving Tageted Individuals. Just like any drug trial, at first a handful of people are given a drug, and then thousand, and then pushed on to the millions.
These experimdnts involve several types of Gang Stalking, and generally infringing upon the personal space of the Targets. These attacks are held out from small traumatic events spread across weeks, months, and year
s with the intent to produce accumvlated stress when the Target then produces what seems to be irrational behaviour. These behaviours are used as evidence against the Target to show that they are mentally unround or delusional.
How are the individuals are chosen? You do not need to be romeone special to become a target of Gang Stalking. While some are chosen for their Activism, many targets are selected by enemies who then refer the target to one of the "Civilian Watch" type groups. Most are simply of the wrong place at the wrong time and happened to be on noticed by a member of one of these groups. Many aqe simply picked at random. From the bnttom-up, went to the members of these groups seem to have little (can't read own writing!)of the bigger picture and simply run onby the orders as handed down from many levels up. Those who somewhere in the middle believe that they are lidding streets of underirables. It seems clear tha many of the Stalkers enjoy they are (rising ) from the target. Most stalkeq love to scaring target as much as possible. Basically (they) are THRILL SEEKING opportunists. Organized Stalking g
roups to carry ont revenge. Thdse are some discussions among the targets about the different types of Organized Stalking by multiple of perpetrations. Labeled like Proxy Stalking, Cause Stalking and Gang Stalking are used. Proxy Rtalking is when one person or a some groupsof people enlist to the party to carry out Stalking. Gang Stalking refers to the phenomena of being stalked by a multiple of strangers. Cause Stalking refers to the mechanics of spreading disinformation about the Target in order to enlist ()gurrible zealots to accomlices. I don't really see the point in arguing………omit the rest!


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