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Recently I bought many interesting books in Japanese.
They are fantastic; I don't deny. However,
the more I read things in Japanese, the more I became "Da",
although I must add that I completely know it's NOT for "everybody"!!
I'm talking about "me"!!!

I have more that I recently discovered:

The more I blog, the more I become "Da".
And the more I became "Da", the more I began to blog.
And the more I blogged, the more I was compelled to read others' blogs;
And the more I read others', the more I became "Da".
What does this mean ??
And I don't want to go this downhill any more.


   I didn't start my blog with a foresight of enlarging it anyway: 

***N/B: I am NOT generalizing:***

   I only didn't realize that most (not all) people I was in touch in real in here had become some mild form of "Multiple Personality syndrome"!!: An "(unofficial)(and "Cyber") Multiple Personality syndrome".
   What I mean is, they had two of themselves and the two selves aren't completely conscious of each other, or are not able to communicate each other properly!(perhaps only "some" of them!!) It is a decent "multiple personality disorder syndrome"!!
If I ask people about something they "know" on their Internet life, they don't reall know it although they know it!

   One day I discovered what I have been going through was called "Gang Stalking". I found it out on the Internet: Not from anybody else I had been asking around.
   I have printed out some quality, sane, intelligent and objective pages explaining what" Gang Stalking" is about.
   The prints I passed on were from the Internet. And "it" had
finally made some minor "cracks" on people's dividing walls between their "Internet selves" and their "real selves"! and the information in the prints had finally penetrated into people's minds and hearts to some extent through the cracks because the prints were from the Internet!! And it was good enough! I could make some communication lines at last in this country!
Did you realize what this means? This means that now people can't really have humanly contacts without the medium from the Internet! I could only reach out to people's souls only after I had caught up with the Japanese TVs and Internet. Until I pickled myself  into the TVs and Internet, all attempts I made to form humanly relationships and commmunications with people failed.
   I began to investigate things (things happening on the Internet where apparently the untimate lawlessness is prevailing) to discover more about where "they" are living on the other half of their lives. Finally I began to understand more about them, and they became more natural towards me as well. I then began to encounter blog(and similar) writings that made me want to leave some comments on, so I did.
   The first attempt gave me some sense of how it works. So I did it again, and again.
One day a lady kindly gave me many responses for my comments, which was extremely interesting (she was an intersting person, very intelligent and hard working).
   So I began to write more comments as responses to her replies. It became long, and as it was in somebody else's blog, I felt sorry and thought of starting own blog, where I can write as much as I wanted. So I started.
   Strangely, starting own blogs made changes people in my "real" side immediately! WHY??? How could it be??? I am not telling it to anybody in real yet!!!!! (Yes, somebody's always watching my PC screen as well as my mobile-phone Internet, which I knew anyway...)
(See how things reveal themselves!).
   Anyhow, it has certain repercussions on my real life, and that's fine; I don't care.
   But think about it; writing my own blogs reached someone here in real.
   If they were suffering from this "(unofficial)(and "Cyber") Multiple Personality syndrome", and approaching to them without the means of the Internet didn't reach to their other half of personality, but handing out printed version of Internet pages, or letting people read my comments left on others' blogs, or as I ended up, writing own blogs can finally make the quantum leap effects on reaching out to their "other halves" who know a lot about what's going on on the Internet, (save the insanity), why not continuing the blogs I started~?
   That has been the only, and the only, reason why I started and I continued my blogs!!!

   However, IF it only takes me to the downhill of the "Da" slope, i.e. IF the cost to continuing this activities was becoming the right "Da", even though I might keep it public for a while, why write or read about them as if I'm "driven" to do so??

[by this Blog Host: R.S.]


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 『逆カルチャーショック/Reverse Culture Shock』(=正式名)に重ねられて始まった、
 帰国後、家に辿り付いて以来、北海道から一際出ていません。 私自身は一切『街宣』等に参加した事は御座いません。 街宣での自己紹介の中で、私のブログの事では?と連想させるような説明を取り入れることで、まるでその人物が私ではないか、と思い込ませ人違いを促す『成り済まし(風)』にご注意下さい。


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