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"Fear No Evil You are Immortal Until Your Work is Done"
26th, February, 2006
Dr. John Vaughn
Faith Baptist Church, South Carolina, U.S.A.

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mp3 1st Half
"   Sometimes people would judge you on the basis of what "they" would tend
to do in that given situation. They saw Paul, and they immediately thought,
"There he is! That guy- He's bit of arounds, teaching everybody... they sould
have nothing to do with the Old Testament laws, and now he's come up on the
Temple Mount, playing hypocrite, trying to make people think he's really
supportive..." And they thought, "Here is our opportunity!"
They knew how defensive the Jewish people were of the Temple. And their
bitterness sprang up, and troubled "them"; made "them" angry, and began to
defile others around them.

Bitterness leaves us to desire to get even.
Bitterness builds on the false reports that are based on false assump-

   I usually counsell people to be very, very careful about making

When I was in the military, we took a course on Rumours and Propaganda,
talking just about not believing things that we couldn't verify.
That is one of the most valuable experiences of my life.
That is where I learned to ask the question, "Excuse me, where did you
hear that?"
 The first thing we were taught to ask was when we heard some
inflamatory information, because you know how rumours and
propaganda, and how it can spread
and how that will affect the morale;
people can become very discouraged, and that sort of thing.
The first thing you ask when somebody comes to you with a piece of
information, and you don't know that if it's absolutely true, and you
say, "Excuse me, what's your source of information?"
And often times people would answer you, you will know right there
whether you should believe it, or whether you should investigate, or
you should just dismiss it.
Have you had experienced, or ever heard an expression, "considered the
There is a lot of wisdom in that statement: "Consider the source."

   I've seen Chrisatian people, even some in the ministry, who have heard
something' been said about them which would damage the reputation, and
said "I'm gonna stop (it), I'm gonna answer this!" You don't answer people.
Believe it's true!" "You've gotta respond to it!" I'd say , "Wait a minute, wait
a minute; there is a Proverb in not answering things like that; 'Don't asnwer to
a fool according to its folly.'" "Oh well, I need to refute this!" and I said , "Don't
get dragged into that! Just ignore that! That person will disqualify himself if he
continues to talk."
Now that's "not always" what you should do, but sometimes it is.
What I'm saying is sometimes you just let them consider the source. You won't
have to refute those accusations what those persons make.
Their own reputation, and their own character will refute their own words."

   But in this situation, people believed these assumptions. It tells us here, that
they said, "This man, this is the man who teaches all men everywhere agianst
these (people, no) place, this man has been going around, slandering the
Temple. And not only that, he brought Greeks into the Temple." And it tells
us in verse 29, why they said that. They have seen him in Trophimus, he is 
from Ephesus, they knew he was a Gentile. They saw him walking the street
with Paul in Jerusalem, and they thought, "There is no other reason for him
to have brought him here, except for reign to the Temple."
Now was there some fair assumption?. Not at all, Did that happened to you?

mp3 2nd Half
Have you ever done that to anybody? "I know why you did that." May be you
don't. Somebody else would say, "I know why you do that." and may be they
don't. Keep your head about you. Keep calm. Think reasonably. Think rationally.
Don't let your emotions get carried away.  
   How do you reason with a mob? You don't. You cannot reason with a
Can you imagine being caught up in this sea of angry Arabs? Have you
seen any of those pictures? As those people, sometimes, I walked in such a
frenzy, you can even, well in the first place,  you don't know,well,  I don't
know their language, but I don't know whether I can discern the language
even if I knew it. It's a chant, and the waving of their arms and the shaking of
the fists and that such an angry, angry response. I think that's what these
 Jews from Asia had stirred these Jews up into, with these words what they
said in verses 28 to 29, "they supposed." Thay have "assumed" that it was

   Listen, not only can your actions be completely misrepresented, and
your motives be completely misunderstood, but your message can be
turned to a completely different message by the anger of those who
reject it. Your message can be completely twisted; completely mis-
And if somebody that was given to anger, or somebody that you know
has bitterness in their heart brings to you a report aboout another
person, you would be wise to investigate.
Do not be one of these people that believes the things that are told
to you if they inflame your own passions.

Over the years, I have learned how to avoid some of the scams. And there are
people who make their living scamming Christian people.
They really do. You need to be careful to have a tender heart but not to
make an assumptions, not to suppose things.
There is a lesson here about
the danger you can get yourself in when you suppose that something
is true without investigate it
. ...

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