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"Osama bin Laden was CIA agent
Al-Qaeda Never Existed
- Invented by CIA"




[5:02-ish から~]

But the near conservatives has now increasingly locked into this fantasy.
And next, they've set out to uncover the network in the America itself.

Bush: "And make no mistake about it; we got a war here just like we got a war abroad."

But in reality, there is very little evidence that any of those arrested had anything at all to do with the terrorist plots.

Bush: "We're (b?) terrorists on the run. We keep them on the run.
One by one, the terrorists are learning the meaning of American justice."

In Briatin, too, the goverment and the rest of the media have created an overwheming impression that there's a hidden network of AL-Quaeda sleeper-cells waiting to attack.

And yet again, there's very little evdience for this.

Of the 664 people arrested under the terrorism acts since the September the 11th, none of them have been convicted of belonging to Al-Quaeda.

The majority of people convicted under the terrorism act since Septermber the 11th have actually been members of the Irish Terrorists groups like the UBF, or the real IRA.

And even the most frightnening and high proifiled plots uncovered turned out to be without foundation.

CBS NEWS: "CBS News Exclusive: About the captured Al-Quaede leader who says his fellow terrorists have the Know-How to build a very dangerous weapon and get it to the United States."

And the media took the bait. They portrayed the Dirty Bombs as an extraordinary weapon to kill thousands of people.

But in reality, the threat of the Dirty Bombs was yet another Illusion.

The scale of this Fantasy just kept growing as more and more groups realized the power that gave them.
Above all, the group who had been instrumental in first spreading the idea were the Near-Consevatives.

Becuase they now found that they could use it to help them realize their vision.

The driving force behind these new Global Policies in the War on Terror was the power of the Dark Fantasy.

The sinister web of the hidden and interlinked threads have stretched around the World.

And such was the power of that Fantasy, but it also began to transform the very nature of politics.

Because increasingly, politicians have discovered their ability to imagine the future and the terrible dangers at home, gave them a new and heroic realm around the world.

But now, the war on terror allowed the politicans (deliberately omit) to portray the new grand vision of the future.

But this vision was a Dark one, of the imagined threats, and the new force began to drive politics; The Fear of The Imagined Future.

: " They are imagining what could happen that there is no limit: 'what if they had access to it?', 'What if they could effectively deploy it?', 'What if we weren't prepared ?'..."

What is is a shift from the scientific 'what Is' evidence-based decision-making to this speculative, imaginary 'what if'-based worst-case-scenareo.

And this principle has now began to shape the government policy around the War on Terror.

But in both America and Britain, individuals are detained in high security prisons not for any crimes they have commited, but because the politicians believed, or "imagined", that they "might commit" an atrocity in the future even though there was no evidence they intended to do this.

"The society that believes in NOTHING, "FEAR" becomes the only agenda.

What the 20th century was dominated between a conflict, between a free-market right, and the socialist left: Even though both of those outlooks have their limitations and their problem; at least they "believed in SOMETHING". whereas what we are seeing is a society that believes in NOTHING.

And the society that believes in NOTHING is particularly frightened by people who believe in anything.
And therefore we label those people as "Fundamentalists" or "fanatics."


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