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" A common ploy with the more witting type is to present harassment of a target as being part of some secret investigation of a target. Very often cultural groups (whether anti-abortion, gay/lesbian, ethnic or political groups) are approached by someone (usually a man) who claims to have connections and heroic experiences with a large intelligence work, such as the CIA. Using this tactic would-be perpetrators are made to feel special and part of something big and important. The more willing agents usually do this as an elaborate play geared to externalize their own shortcomings and make someone else miserable rather than promote consciousness and development of their own lives...


In my own case where longer-known, once-trusted friends become perpetrators, in hindsight I can see how each person and their own motivations and reasoning for involvement. Some have always been prone to hold current trends and public opinion higher than their own judgment and falsely think this is independence --- freedom from control of others through fallling in line with a system of control. Others were worn down over a longer period of time, eventually giving in to the pressure from their social circle. At first the various personal stories seem quite unique, just as I regarded each friend and their individuality; I respected their uniqueness.

Yet, during further personal assessment of these 'frineds' it became clear that the psychological make ups of these people were in fact quite similar, namely they each have a seeming inability to think for themselves and tend to listen to orders from anyone who claims or seems to be an authority.

The core perpetrators are usually a hierarchical group with each member being handled and fed the information the main handler decides is the best way to get them to do what he wants. This is not obvious to the main body of stalkers, and is not how the game is perceived by them. To these critters, the goal is thrill, fitting in, being a part of something super secret and whoever provides useful framing of what the goal/mission is, and what the target is supposedly guilty of is irrelevant, or in the cases were the group organizers hand out such propaganda, they are seen as knowledgeable sources of useful information. Again and again, for most participants there is a desire to feel part of some elite gang. For some it's fear that they will be ostracised or even fall prey to what the target is going through if they do not participate.

  In my case many of the core perpetrators seem to truly believe that they are acting out some kind of vigilante justice for past slights they have perceived that I've enacted against them. In truth, their choosing to believe themselves in torturing me has more to do with their shortcomings than anything I may have unwittingly done to offend them. But through a carefully schemed system of lies and dissemination of disinformation, the handler primes and cultivates them to blow up fears and weaknesses, while also exaggerating whether they can about the target's flaws so the agents have a clear picture and target for their angst. This is pretty basic psychological warfare where the leaders pit one group against another; everyone loses except the top controllers who learn even better ways to control people."W

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 『逆カルチャーショック/Reverse Culture Shock』(=正式名)に重ねられて始まった、
 帰国後、家に辿り付いて以来、北海道から一際出ていません。 私自身は一切『街宣』等に参加した事は御座いません。 街宣での自己紹介の中で、私のブログの事では?と連想させるような説明を取り入れることで、まるでその人物が私ではないか、と思い込ませ人違いを促す『成り済まし(風)』にご注意下さい。


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